come to me, good karma

My friend Cathryn and I were chatting the other day about something that got me thinking. She said that she is trying out a new theory where for 30 days, you write down every negative thought you have about other people and yourself so you can see how much negativity you carry. This in turn should make you want to change your thinking to become a more positive person, and in turn, good things shall happen to you.

Now, I’ve actually always considered myself a spiritual, non-judgemental, friendly, accepting person of everyone. There is an inner-hippie-part-of-my-soul that thinks everyone and everything is beautiful; love, peace and harmony make me happy. But since Cathryn mentioned her new-found philosophy, I am shocked at how very aware I am now of the times I’m thinking not so nice things.

So, to you Lady Gaga, I am sorry. Your tan is a beautiful color, one not often found in nature.


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