happy to be smoke free

Since I quit smoking:

  1. Food tastes so different. I am actually in love with salad for the first time ever and I think it’s because it actually tastes good to me now. Last night we hit the BK drive-thru and picked up some zesty sauce for our fries. Um, zesty saucy is spicy? That was news to me.
  2. I’ve accepted the fact that when I smoke, I can eat anything I want and not gain an ounce. As a non-smoker, I have to watch it a little ’cause I’m feeling, er, puffy. So the fact that I now want to have my first-born with a salad is definitely a good thing.
  3. I don’t get winded walking up 2 flights of stairs.
  4. My hair still smells like shampoo after I’ve skipped a day of showering. Yeah, I’m gross but I smell good.
  5. I can smell a cigarette from a mile away.
  6. I can tell when a smoker was in the elevator before me. And don’t get me started on how bad the smell is if I’m actually in the elevator with someone who just had one. I can’t believe I smelled like that for 15 years and didn’t know it.
  7. My skin is clearer. Not that I’ve ever had a problem per se, but those little bumpies that pop up every once in a while are gone.
  8. I’m not coughing up crap in the morning anymore.
  9. My hands aren’t dry and cracking because I’m not washing my hands 20 times a day to make them smell good. Oh, you silly smoker, if only washing your hands had been actually making you smell good.
  10. I don’t have to worry about picking a shirt for work that isn’t gonna make me sweat when I go outside and stand in the sun for 10 minutes, 8 times a day.
  11. My dogs don’t smell like smoke. I’m sure they’re happy that they can breathe better, too.
  12. It actually has made me a better wife. I keep busy as much as possible to keep my mind off of smoking so I’ve been cooking dinner, keeping the apartment cleaner, and not sitting in front of the tv as much.
  13. I have more time at lunch to sit and relax at the table.
  14. To date, Scott and I have saved $525.
  15. My pupils dilate for about 10 minutes after I put on the patch.
  16. I can take deeper breaths, although my lungs still squeak when I do which makes me think maybe my doctor was right when he asked me if I’ve ever been diagnosed with asthma.
  17. People smoking honestly look a little trashy to me now.
  18. It now blows my mind that I was addicted to a weed.
  19. I still think about smoking every time I go through a certain intersection where I used to light my last cigarette before I got home from work.
  20. I love hearing people tell me they’re proud of me.

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