santa drives a rickshaw

My neighborhood is no stranger to the bicycle-driven rickshaw. During Cubs season, they are everywhere, pulling lazy fans around the hood for a mere $10 or so. And for some reason during game time, they like to camp out in our alley and have a little secret rickshaw gang meeting right behind my parking spot. Only once have I taken advantage of the “crazy-people-who-are-willing-to-ride-a-bike-with-a-human-basket-on-the-back-for-some-cash” out of pure drunken indolence, but I’d probably do it again. The other day though, I saw a rickshaw of a different variety.

photoshop rocks my socks...I made a rickshaw :)


And it was being pulled by an older, white-bearded man wearing a Cubs jersey, shorts and knee socks. He kinda reminded me of Santa. My immediate thought was that I would never ever make that poor man who could very well be someone’s Bubbie pull me around in a basket when I have 2 perfectly good working legs to use. But then I started to wonder if maybe he was in dire straights and desperately needed the money. So maybe on second thought I would take the ride just to help ole Beebaw buy his kitties some meow mix. Though while I’m often one not to care what other people think about me, I might worry a little in this situation that people might be looking at me thinking I’m a schmuck for making an old man pull my lazy butt through the streets of Wrigley. But in my mind, I couldn’t pass him up and defeat the whole purpose of him being out there in the first place, now could I? He NEEDS me. Because really, why else would Santa be pulling a rickshaw?

Case closed.


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