Another strange dream courtesy of the patch on me bum…

It was the day of my friend, Kelly’s wedding (which is next weekend and I’m doing her hair that morning), and lots of people from high school were there, including my ex-husband and his best friend. My friend Nicci showed up wearing the same thing as me: a black tank top and a pink skirt. She tried convincing me that I should change but I insisted not. I also had a HUGE pink flower barrette thingy in my hair that was driving me nuts and my mom kept telling me to take it off but I wouldn’t. We all hopped in a van with Nicci behind the wheel and she was driving like a crazy person which in turn made me fly around in the van like that video online of dog in the backseat of a little plane. Know the one I’m talking about?

Anywho, we ended up back at the house and I went upstairs and layed down on a couch. I was looking up at the skylight and the house began to move because Nicci was pulling it with a truck. We started going in circles and I was afraid I would fly out the window. The house stopped, and I hopped in the back of a plane that Nicci’s twin sister, Ann, was flying. We’re going around inside the house in this plane and we come to a cliff and stop. There are shark balloons in the sky and I was afraid they would get stuck in the propellers so I grabbed one and popped it. As we’re sitting there, Ann says, “What should we do now?” and she goes off the cliff. We’re plummeting towards the water and all I could think was, “PULL UP! PULL UP!” And at the very last minute, she pulls up and saves us.

We were floating in the water in the plane and ended up on a rock near the shore. I crawl out onto a raft and am pulled to the shore by a bunch of little kids that were going to church. I go inside the building and run into my mom. She grabs a glass of whiskey and takes a few swigs and walks away. I go into the church and find my sister, Michelle, and ask her where she wants to sit – she insists on sitting under the pew but I knew there was no graceful way to get under there in a skirt, so instead, I put my purse down on an ottoman and walk back out into the building.

I run into my mom again who at this point is very tipsy. She is wearing a gray vest that she stole from a caterer and she sneaks into the kitchen to get some food. I look over and there’s Kelly wearing a regal looking robe over her dress. She sees me and gets a huge smile on her face and says, “JAIME!” I run towards her and kiss her on the cheek and it turns into an awkward moment cause she goes to kiss me on the other cheek but I wasn’t ready. So I grab her face, kiss her other cheek a few times and say, “I love you, I love you, I love you!” Then I notice her hair which I clearly had no part of. I asked her if she had tried to call me (’cause my phone was in my purse was on an ottoman in the church) and she said, “No, Dan didn’t like my hair after our trial run so I went with this.” It was her natural curls with braids at the roots like a weave, and it was still wet in the back and had asymmetrical bangs.

i love hair flowers

Then everything got quite and I noticed 6 Buddhists on their knees in the corner praying and I realized Kelly had her head down and was praying, too. I look over in the other room and Kelly’s 15-year-old cousin was showing off her new engagement ring to anyone that would look. She still had braces.

Then I woke up on the couch with the patch still on. Shocking.


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