Made a trip to Walgreens yesterday to pick up some girly products and I decided to try something new. I thought it’d be a fun little adventure, kinda like trying out a new lip gloss or pizza topping, so I grabbed a box of Tampax Pearl. Upon opening the box, my ridiculously strong sense of smell as a nonsmoker prompted me to write the following:

Dear Marketing Team of Tampax,

You need to make the spot on the box marked “Scented” a little bigger. Now my purse smells like a baby’s butt and I think Amy is contemplating calling me a tampon every time I walk by.





Filed under ridiculousness

2 responses to “bum-rushed

  1. Well at least your purse doesn’t smell like used tampons… something to consider…

    And to think I was never a “silver lining” kind of girl. 😛

    • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

      Ah, I guess you’re right, I should be looking at the positive side of smelling like ass. Thank you for helping me see that there is one!

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