wtf wednesday: bad hair

I will openly admit I am not one to follow trends, especially bad ones.

One that I’m really not understanding as a hairstylist lately is men’s cuts, or lack thereof. Although I should specify, young men’s cuts, mostly under the age of 20. As the World Turns was on the tv in the cafeteria yesterday and I want to know who thought this kid looked good enough to send out on set in front of a camera:

I’m thinking this would make for a great biology experiment: if you cut off his senses of sight and sound, does his sense of smell heighten? If that was my boy, I would shave his head in his sleep.



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2 responses to “wtf wednesday: bad hair

  1. So sad that Justin Bieber’s hair has taken over our nation. I mean, I heart the Bieb…he’s friggin adorable…but when other people try to copy his hair, it looks ridiculous. Whew…had to get that off my chest.

    • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

      Seriously, if I know anyone that even tries to pull that off, I’m not kidding, I will shear them like a sheep.

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