to be a kid again

I hit the road last Thursday after work and went out to the ‘burbs to hang out with my mom and take care of her terribly neglected roots. Just to clarify, I was the neglector; I haven’t colored her since before the wedding. Every time I looked in the mirror and saw my own 2 inches of outgrowth, I could only think about how the last time I did hers was a month before mine. Sorry mommy!!

Anywho, when I was out there hanging out with my momma, I got a bit nostalgic. Going out there always sets off little flashbacks in my mind of memories I have of my childhood, especially when I notice things like the little drawing on my bedroom door still up.

I have so many memories and it seems the more I think of, the more I remember. I’m thinking this may become an ongoing post series, but for now here are my top 20 off the top of my head…

  1. watching the sun shine shadows from the trees through the window onto my bedroom floor at nap time (that’s actually my happy place I think of when I get anxious)
  2. riding around in the van going house to house with my mom when it was raining on Halloween
  3. the smell of fresh-cut grass after my dad would mow the lawn on weekends
  4. wearing my mom’s black suede pumps to a dance
  5. my old red quilt and fuzzy green blankets on my twin sized bed
  6. feeling relief after getting sprayed down with something in the kitchen after breaking out in hives from penicillin
  7. roller skating in circles in the basement
  8. wearing my mom’s strand of little pearls
  9. using buckets to build snow forts in the backyard with my dad
  10. eating ice cream out of glasses after hours at the pool in Hilton Head
  11. getting excited when the doorbell started ringing for my dad’s Superbowl parties
  12. making German pancakes
  13. sleeping at my parents’ feet after a nightmare until they’d send me back to bed
  14. walking over to the library after school – I vividly remember the quiet and the smell of old paper
  15. the bunny stuffed animal my dad got for me when I was sick
  16. drying my hair under my mom’s blue hood dryer on her bedroom floor
  17. Lynn crying the first time she heard me play Heart and Soul on the piano
  18. being fearless during gymnastics at the YMCA
  19. both of my parents trying to teach me how to play guitar
  20. being scared out of my mind when playing bloody murder with Scott and my sisters and Scott would jump out of the trees

Can I go back, please?


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