i want to squeeze puppies

What is it about cute little puppy faces that make you just want to squeeze them?

I went to the ASPCA with my friend Cathryn yesterday. She’s been talking about getting a puppy for the last 3 years, and every time she was on the brink of getting one, she would get nervous and change her mind. The closest she had come before was after a lunch outing, we walked down to the Let’s Pet Puppies store only to find out they moved to a different location that was not within walking distance, and her plans were put on the back burner again.

But yesterday we went downtown to the shelter. We walked in and saw a few big doggies but she knew she wanted something smaller since she lives in a high-rise. As we were making our way around saying hi to the big cuties, she saw him. He was a little baby cocker spaniel/border collie sitting on a window sill with one of the employees and he instantly melted our hearts. We took him outside for no more than 2 minutes, she looked at me and simply said, “this is him, this is the one!” Then she hyperventilated a little ’cause it finally happened, she was a mommy!

I want to introduce you to Cathryn’s new baby, Tucker, aka Tuck…

According to Cathryn, he is the only male she has ever instantly loved unconditionally.

With a face like that, who wouldn’t?



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