smothering paul mccartney

My bed is my sanctuary. In fact, I think ima gonna go crawl in after I get all my thoughts here on yummy bedding out. It’s the place I put my sleepy head and re-energize for 8 hours in the hopes of wiping off the bad stuff from yesterday and starting fresh tomorrow. And a comfy bed to me is covered with breakfast pillows and standard shams and European shams and throw pillows and I have always fully appreciated the look of a finished bed ensemble.

Since registering for a new set for both our bed and the guest bed, I have made sure we get all new pillows, not only for the pillow cases that came with the bed sets, but I’ve been slowly adding on all of the decorative pillows that go with them. Our guest bed looks a bit ridiculous at the moment, but it is what it is.

I wish someone other than the doggies could have seen the look on Scott’s face when I walked through the door today with 2 bags full of more pillows. The best part is that I don’t want to use any of them until next month when we’re in the new house, so for now they will keep piling up as I buy all the pillows to complete the overall look. I think I only have 6 more to go.

Seriously Paulie, stop looking at me like that. I swear, only 6 more.



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