auntie em, auntie em!

K, so I spoke too soon with my last comment. As I was walking to my boss’s desk to let him know I was going to make a run for it, the emergency strobe lights started flashing and a voice came out of the ceiling telling us that there was a tornado warning and to stay away from the windows. We were either allowed to evacuate our suite to the lobby or we could stay put.

Ah ha! Safety Marshals to the rescue!!! I could finally use my vest! Wait, wait, how does my hair look?

My boss and I had some fun trying to keep our rowdy office workers away from the glass and I offered to shield them all from flying glass and debris with all 110 lbs. of me. And then there was a crash of thunder, I saw Toto and a farmhouse fly past the window, and I was useless.

Made it home at 7:45pm safe and sound.


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