anyone have a post it?

Yesterday was pretty much a play day for me, we were having our big Symposium that I’ve worked (with the exception of last year) twice a year for the last 4 years. I was happy to pass the torch to Amy because I’ve learned my lesson. Sure, it sounds like fun – you get to be out of the office for a while, get a little more dressed up than a typical day, schmooze with agents from other offices, and a free continental breakfast? Hellz yeah. Sounds lovely.

*The truth of the matter is, you wake up 2 hours earlier than usual. You have to sit in traffic to make it to the heart of the city by 7am. You scramble to set everything up while the RMs are all telling you to change things around, and they all have differing opinions on how things should be. You’re lucky to get a bagel, and by then all the cream cheese is gone so you choke it down with the bad hotel coffee that has since gotten cold. After you’ve hand written the 87,234,987 name badges that somehow didn’t get pre-printed, you sit there for 3 hours bored to death. Once the event is over, you get to clean up and sit in traffic all the way back to the office where you have to work for another few hours before you get to go home and realize that you are exhausted from being up since 4am.

No thank you. I’m happy to run an empty office all by my lonesome.

Anywho, with lots of free time, I had lots of time to think. And for me, thinking leads to writing although with so many things running through my head and no paper in my purse on my way home, I used the next best thing to jot down the stew in my head…

Yes, I’m a scatterbrain. Let’s begin, shall we?

1) On being whiny at work:

Yeah, I was whiny yesterday. When my boss got back from the Symposium, we were discussing Friday’s events. Not only did we have the Symposium yesterday, but today is another biggie – our Midwest Sales Meeting, yet another event I chose not to work. *see reasons above. The problem is that although I have a relatively easy day in a quiet office, the phone still rings and someone has to answer it. On a typical day, Amy and I split phone-duty and when one of us is gone, the other has to pull a phone marathon. Yesterday was one of those days and I couldn’t have lunch ’til they got back at 2pm. I had been there since 7:30am. So I was cranky knowing that it may be even worse today with them gone all frickin’ day long. So I whined to my boss for a minute like a little bitch, then felt really bad because I remembered that my boss had it 10x worse than me over the last few days. And seriously, what is wrong with me? I want to stay at the office, then I whine about having to stay in the office. Really, me? Really? So I put on my big girl pants and I apologized for being whiny, he apologized for being snippy, and all peace and harmony was restored. In the end, I thanked him for not making me go to the events, and he thanked me for staying in the office. Ah, I love the “vent and get over yourself” mentality, it helps make the world go ’round.

2) On bangs:

I’ve decided not to do a PWC (post-wedding chop) because I want to hang on to my locks a bit longer – it took me forever to grow out my short do 5 years ago and I absolutely love the feeling of my hair sweeping my back in the summer while wearing a tank top. I figure I’ll chop off all my hair once I get pregnant ’cause I’m not gonna want a little one pulling my hair out at the root. So for now, I did a PWB (post-wedding bang). For the last few days since I cut them they’ve been driving me nuts and today was the first day that I liked how they were laying and didn’t question if I made the right decision. Hmmm…

…yes, I do believe I like them.

3) On learning Polish:

Every time I go to my favorite pierogi shop, Alexandra’s, the girls that work there talk to me in Polish until I say something like, “uh, um…” and they realize I’m American. From my dad, I get my 50%  Polish lineage, but I know nothing of the language other than how to say “give me a kiss” (which undoubtedly doesn’t help me when I want to order 4 packages of pyzy). To me, there’s something to be said about being able to relate to your culture through language; however, my big fear is that it will never happen only ’cause I’m too lazy to actually seek out a teacher or classes. In the meantime, I’ll just keep asking people to daj mi buzi.

4) On Van:

Heard ‘Domino’ in the car. I heart Van Morrison and my first born son will probably be named after him.

5) On libra equality:

I freak out when I’m not treated equally or the scales are tipped, not in my favor. Seriously it pisses me off until something happens that makes it right. Yesterday was one of those days.

6) On becoming a real dad:

After the storm Wed, Scott told me that if it weren’t for the doggies, he would have ridden it out in the apartment. Instead, he took the Hazy and Princess down to the basement for shelter. That made my heart melt a little ’cause aw, he’s a real dad now!

7) On the homeless:

Everyday on my way home, I take the Irving Park Rd. exit off of I-90. And everyday, there is someone asking for money. I believe they have some sort of rotation because I recognize them all after taking the same route for 4 years. Sometimes, it’s a blond woman that holds a sign that says, “homeless single mom please help”. Sometimes, it’s a man with an eye issue holding a sign that says, “smile”, and he always has a smile on his face and waves to the people stopped at the light. Sometimes, it’s a girl that can’t be more than 20 with bruises and scabs up and down her arms. And today, it was a guy that I’ve seen before, but usually at the next stoplight. This guy scares the shit outta me. He doesn’t hold up a sign hoping that someone will throw him a quarter, he actually storms right up to your driver’s side window and stares you down, 2 inches from the glass with a cup banging against your window, yelling at you. He is the reason I lock my door when I get in my car. Seriously, dude, I gave a bag full of sweaters to the single mom and probably $20 to the eye guy over the last few months. Ask nicely and I’m happy to help; scare the crap out of me and you get to inhale my brake dust the second the light turns green. Not coolio.

8.) On balding:

Yesterday, my boss and I had a fun discussion about balding men. He luckily still has all of his hair at 35 (+10, shhhh), so does Scott, so does his dad, so does my dad. But there are a few people we work with that haven’t been so fortunate and I seriously wonder how devastating that would be. Seriously, think about if you looked in the mirror everyday and your forehead was just a teeeeeeeeensy bit bigger than yesterday, but there’s not a whole lot you could do about it. I’m so happy I’m a girl 🙂

So there you have it, the stew in my head on my drive home. Sometimes I think I think too much.


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