since you’ve been gone

Miss Octopus recently wrote about what she does when the Mr. is gone…reliving the single behaviors when she has the place to herself. I commented on her post about how I keep the bathroom door open and sleep in the king bed diagonal. Well, Scott is at the Cubs game right now and I’ve officially had 2 glasses of wine and 3/8ths of a pizza.

Problem is that I realized the hard way that I don’t necessarily save the single activities for when he’s not around. Uh, I’m out of parmesan for my pizza right now, not because I haven’t bought any lately, but because I ate what was left in the container last night…like literally tapped the bottom of the container bottoms up to get every last crumb in my mouth while Scott sat next to me and giggled. I think he was impressed. Or jealous ’cause I got the last of the cheese.

Either way, he’s a lucky guy.


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