3 weeks ’til closing

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for signing the home buyer’s credit extension yesterday, we will now be getting a cool $8,000 which we didn’t qualify for 2 days ago. We will be sure to make you proud and put it to good use, maybe sock it away for a college fund, or better yet, a hot tub or some flat screens to replace our current bulbous ones.

You’re the bestest,


We’ve officially started packing up our apartment and have been hunting for furniture for the new house. Yesterday, Scott found some couches that we’re hopefully going to be picking up on Sunday and storing in his mom’s garage for 3 weeks.

They’ll be steam cleaned before we take them home thanks to a thoughtful Craigslist seller. Picture them against sage walls, with ivory and green/brown striped/swirly throw pillows, black coffee table and end tables, and a cute rug in the middle. I have a picture-perfect rec room all planned out in my head 🙂 

I catch myself getting lost in Craigslist for hours at a time and I’m hoping we’ll be able to furnish a lot of our new house off of it. I hear Jessica Alba did the same – it’s nice to see someone who can afford everything brand new going the reduce/reuse/recycle route instead. I think the only thing I wouldn’t buy from Craigslist is a mattress.

So after the couches, we’ll be on the Craigslist hunt for some bookshelves, and maybe a platform bed frame, although I wouldn’t mind getting this one new from IKEA.

I think it would look cozy with our new bedding that’s still in the packaging with all of our pillows (sorry again, Paul).

Hoorah, I’m getting giddy now that we’re going to start making big purchases to fill our new home!



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