deeply loving summer

Whew, it’s been a busy week and the weekend is only going to add to the mayhem. Monday and Tuesday I had quiet nights alone with my girls while Scott was out playing softball and watching the Cubbies bite it. And Wednesday was my turn. We had our yearly Cubs game staff outing that one of my agents donates his season seats for. After working a whopping 4 hours, I ended up here:

I munched on a giant pretzel while my sister shoved her polish sausage in my face. Hehe. It was a little chilly in the shade so we hit the rooftop patio to bake in the sun for a bit.

And everyone giggled at my teeny pupils. They tend to shrink to pinpricks in the sun. They all loved them so much, Amy wanted a picture.

We walked the few blocks back to my house, grabbed a few beers, and hit the sidewalk.

I’m going to miss my neighborhood where everyday is what you make of it. Wanna hang out front, sip on a beer and play bags? Done! Sit on the back porch, read a book and people watch in the alley? Done! Walk down to Clark and pick any restaurant you want for lunch on an outdoor patio? Done, done, and done. I’m waiting for Amy to move to Wrigley so I can come live vicariously through her over the next few years.

Fun weekend ahead: last night I played with Miss Seashell‘s hair, tomorrow Cubs game, Sunday couches and Naperville Ribfest, Monday bbq with Sharon. I haven’t seen her since our reception 6 weeks ago and I’m guessing her little pregnant belly is filling out nicely. She said that she can see little baby boy moving around and he’s kicking like crazy, I can’t wait to feel his little feet kick my hands!

I love summer madly. And I want to hear about everyone’s 4th of July plans!


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