bouncing couches, beer tabs and baby kicks

The second installment of my fabulous weekend (and in case you missed part 1, click here):

First off, happy belated 4th of July! I think this is the first year ever in my life I didn’t see fireworks, and I think I’m okay with that as long as I get my fix next year. Anywho, on Sunday morning we picked up our Craigslist couches and I am so in love with them! $280 for a sofa and love seat in fantastic condition? You just can’t beat that. I had to drive the pickup truck since it’s stick shift and my drive home with them on the truck was absolutely terrifying since we kinda stacked them like Tetris pieces. Ahem , my beautiful rendition…

I had to pull over about 2 minutes after I pulled away with them because every small bump I went over caused the love seat to rock side-to-side on top of the sofa. I was having visions of picking a couch up off the middle of the road, or trying to pull one out from under Scott’s car that was following behind me. So we stopped and tied that sucker down a little better and from there I think I went no more than 20 mph the whole way with the flashers on. I can honestly say that I’ve never shifted better in my life! I had white knuckles, chewed my lips, and didn’t take a breath until we pulled in the driveway. Now our couches are resting comfortably in my mother-in-law’s living room, my lips are still raw, and in 2 weeks I get to drive them again, white knuckles and all, to our new house.

Sunday afternoon, Scott finally called Kenneth. Who’s Kenneth, you ask? Well my friends, he is the person that left this note on my car 1.5 years ago…

For every 1,000,000 can tabs he collects, $100,000 is donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. So we hopped on board and have been collecting for him ever since.

Up until a few weeks ago, Scott had been saying that he kinda wanted to hang on to all the tabs we’ve saved ’cause it’s impressive and he thought we could make something really cool out of them, like beaded curtains for the laundry room. Uh, nope, not kidding. By some small grace of God, 2 weeks ago he surrendered the tabs and agreed to give them to good old Ken. So he called our mystery dumpster diver on Sunday who turned out to be a 73-year-old retired actor. You might remember him from such films as “Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly,” and “Here Comes the Metric System!” And they met up this morning at the train station on Scott’s way to work. Out of curiosity before he bagged them up I counted them…3,333 can tabs in total – one small step towards cirrhosis, one giant step for St. Jude’s (okay, they weren’t all beer)!

And finally, the best part of my weekend was seeing Sharon and her husband on Monday. She and I talk every single day but only get to see each other once every few months. And a few months makes a world of difference in a pregnant belly! Scott and I made the trek up to Wadsworth, a.k.a. Camp Sharona, my quiet retreat up north where 5 years ago I heard sounds from her balcony that I’ve never heard before (in my defense, we don’t have frogs in the city).

We talked, we laughed, and I chopped 7 inches off Sharon’s hair to give her an easier mommy cut…now she looks even more adorable, if that’s even possible. We grilled turkey burgers and cheddar brats and ate endless amounts of chips, dip, and watermelon. I also brought her a bottle of sparkling grape juice so she could have a mocktail amongst the beers going around, accompanied by a bag of her favorite iced animal crackers. I told Scott to take notes when she showed us her gorgeous nursery of greens and browns with subtle little monkey accents.

Then we snuggled in her recliner and her little baby boy played soccer with my hand.

We sat like that for an hour ’cause baby kicks are amazing. By far, that was my favorite part of the weekend.

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!!!


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