I’m having a rough morning with a bruised knee and sore back which I am thinking was from being so tensed up while driving the truck on Sunday. I also found out last night that I have to go say goodbye to my kitty after work today. More on that later. For now, anyone that knows me knows that I love So You Think You Can Dance, I’ve actually been known to cry during amazing performances because I’m just a big old sappy pants. Really. I’m also madly in love with the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. So when my two favorites came together a few months ago, I fell in love with Bryan Gaynor. He is magical.

For anyone else that may be having a not so good morning, I hope this cheers you up as much as it is me.





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3 responses to “fireflies

  1. Whoa, two things that totally relate to me in one post! 🙂 My husband regularly makes fun of me as I have been watching (and crying) during SYTYCD since it’s first season. ESPECIALLY the contemporary pieces, of course. Specifically Mia Michael’s, so I am sad she is a judge now and not choreographing.

    ANYWAY. Oddly enough, Owl City is from my hometown in Minnesota. A tiny ass town. Couldn’t believe it when Ryan Secreast said where he was from on one of his radio shows.

    Sorry about your kitty… I hope things get better. 😦

    • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

      Oh ya, I can relate, I make Scott watch the same dance over and over if I think it’s amazing and he kinda rolls his eyes about the 4th time through. And oh Mia Michaels, hers got me every time! I’m a sad panda, too.

      And no frickin’ way on the Owl City hometown, you are the coolest in my book to say you grew up next to him (although you didn’t say next door verbatim, but that’s what I heard 🙂 )!

  2. Em

    Sorry to hear about your kitty. That must be incredibly hard (I have 2 so I can only imagine the sadness). What a great video, though. I’m semi-into SYTYCD and I’ve definitely teared up a few times during the dances. Even the hip-hop stuff gets me, sometimes!

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