i am ridiculously sweaty

Wow, 2 posts in one day! This one was very impromptu but deserved to be written so you could get a glimpse of the fabulous life of Office Jaime (she’s Wonder Woman’s nerdy sister).

2 weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest speaker on a nationwide company conference call and I enthusiastically said I’d be happy to. What the? Did that come out of my mouth? I hate public speaking, but I think I was honored that they thought of me when picking a speaker. So the words “I’d love to!” weren’t exactly well thought out. And when last Tuesday rolled around, I can’t say I was sad when they rescheduled the call for a week later. And about 10 minutes ago, it was over. And now I’m sweaty and have no idea what I just rambled on about for 5 minutes straight.

Those notes I typed up right there? Ya, I didn’t look at them. Not a once. I think I said things like Outlook, and MMWeb, Cisco Meetingplace and CoStar, but I can’t be certain. If I did, that’s a good thing, but again, I’m not sure I didn’t say oatmeal and poop. I must have covered literally everything though, considering when the only other person asked to speak came on after me and said, “Well, I’m pretty much on par with everything Jaime just said”. Hehe, I guess I’m thorough when I’m not listening to the words coming out of my own mouth. Either that or else poopy oatmeal is a topic that happened to make sense when talking about how I train my agents. It could be either I s’pose.



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4 responses to “i am ridiculously sweaty

  1. Jane

    This post was hilarious. I hate getting up in front of ten people– Unfortunately, while my speaking is coherent to my own ears, I stutter a lot and fiddle with my hands.

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