monday morning weekend recap

I’d been extremely emotional for the last week…everything made me teary and I know a lot of that had to do with Kitty, and a lot had to do with hormones and I wanted to try to have a fun, productive, happy weekend considering we’re only in Wrigleyville for a little while longer. With a whopping one week left ’til we close (I swear, that woman better be gone), I got a bug up my butt to go out and actually do stuff in the neighborhood. Considering pretty soon we won’t have as many options as we do now, and add to that the fact that there’s a picture of me in the dictionary under ‘hermit’, I figured if we don’t leave the house now, we never will.

So Friday we had date night at Twist, a tapas restaurant down at the corner where we feasted on lobster ravioli, crab cakes, escargot, and chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese. We drank wine and beer and enjoyed the breeze while eating outside for the first time since honeymooning in St. Thomas. It felt so good to get out.

Saturday, we talked about going to Sam’s Club to pick up a new mattress (seriously, they sell everything there!) and get a bite to eat first. So we went down to Sports Corner across from Wrigley Field and ended up baking in the sun on the outdoor patio while sipping on Coronas and feasting on chorizo cream cheese poppers, bratwurst and tater tots, and nachos. We sat and listened to live music coming from the Captain Morgan Club across the street and decided it was time to leave when the singer began her rendition of a classic Led Zeppelin song that sounded nothing like the original. We hit the road and later tackled more packing, and I can safely say at this point we have more things than not in boxes. We’re getting there!

Sunday morning, Scott, his cousin Megan who was in from California, and I went out to Salt ‘n Pepper diner for breakfast and bloody mary’s. After 2 bloodies each, we were all feeling good and enjoying our morning. We may or may not have played with our celery. Say hello to my celery mullet man:

He looked like Gumby with business in the front, party in the back going on and and he danced a mean YMCA until Scott broke him in half and kept declaring that there had been a murder (in his British accent it sounded more like muuhh-duuhh). Bloodies in the morning make for some fun food play! Add this to DQ blizzards for dinner on Thursday and I figure we’re going to be pretty cool parents. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the back porch with a good book.

On top of all the fresh air I got, this weekend marked a big milestone for me – 10 weeks smoke free which means no more patch, so as of this past Friday I’m officially nicotine free, too!! And I have to say, I am doing just fine. I don’t know if I can honestly say at this point that I will never ever have another cigarette ever again, but for now I’m hanging in there. I still think about it longingly everyday, but the fact that I haven’t had one for 73 days is enough to keep me going. And now that I don’t have a patch on my bum, for some reason I feel more official, like before I was just pretending to be a nonsmoker. Screw you smelly, expensive, dirty cigarettes! Uggggh, I want one so bad.



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4 responses to “monday morning weekend recap

  1. Awesome job staying smoke free! Just remind yourself of that list you wrote in another blog post on how much smoking sucks! I’m rooting for you!

    • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

      Thanks, Deanna! And good call on the list, I think I’m going to print out a few copies and hang them up where I can see them. You so smart 🙂

  2. Jane

    Lobster Ravioli is so amazing! It’s borderline orgasm, for me. I think I’ll try to weasel the BF into buying me a few orders of it this weekend. And I think I’ll also try to convince my dad to buy some patches to kick his habit.

    Must be persistent!

    –and if the crazy appliance woman isn’t out by the time you move in, can’t you just physically throw her out, since by then it will be your property, anyway? Or are there laws against that where you are?

    • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

      Buy him the patch and tell him if he sticks one to his bum, I’ll be rooting for him!

      And as far as the crazy lady goes, I totally was wondering the same thing. Like if we do our walk through that morning and she happens to be chilling on her couch watching Oprah, what’s to stop us from going through with the closing then calling the cops on her for trespassing? I don’t think our attorney would like that though. He’s throwing around phrases like “withholding funds” and “postponing the closing”. Poops.

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