poop and oatmeal…

…got me a promotion. Not kidding. Remember the ramblings of Office Jaime? Ya, well apparently I made quite the impression and was offered a promotion this morning to LEAD Certified Agent Support Trainer! I got a fancy new word to add to my title (that would be the LEAD part), no extra money, and 3 hours a week of new responsibility!!! I really am in awe that a 5 minute out-of-body experience that I don’t remember bumped me up as one of few in my position to be a mentor in my company 🙂 And I’ll have to be a speaker on many more conference calls to come. Heaven help me.

I’ve been a little giddy all day and apparently I’m not the only one around here. This is what happens when your boss gets an iPhone.

He was the same one that helped me save the entire office from a tornado. ‘Member?

Funny story: every time someone new starts in our office, they will undoubtedly at some point go and stand in front of the printer (above right), look at it crooked when it says it’s empty, and ask where the copy paper is.

Anywho, I took my lunch break in a side office today since I actually straightened my hair last night. Yes, this is how my brain works. Instead of walking the 100 feet from the building to my car in the 93 degree humidity for lunch and risk looking like a fuzzball just to have creepers make my skin crawl in the forest preserve while trying to read a book (got all that?), I decided to isolate myself in a quiet empty office with my lunch and a book without risking the hairdo. Seriously, I straighten my hair so infrequently these days, I wanted to try to preserve it for a day or 2, especially since I took care of my atrocious roots last night and it’s looking pretty good today! I’ve been a bad bad hair stylist and haven’t done this since pre-wedding, 3 months ago.

I realized I’m on to something pretty special sitting in the quiet of the abandoned office for lunch. It was so peaceful, I didn’t have to worry about the weird shaking my car has been doing lately while sitting idle with the air conditioning on, and I certainly didn’t have to worry about weirdos coming up next to me and staring me down. I was in my own little sanctuary and no one knew where to find me. I even opened the blinds and caught myself staring at the clouds and seeing my puppies’ faces in them. See them?

Amy‘s always talking about how we’re too creative for the office. The fact that I spent my lunch break taking pictures of the clouds tells me she may be right. Do you still look up and make things out of clouds? For some reason I always see my puppies when I do.



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4 responses to “poop and oatmeal…

  1. Jane

    I see a hotdog in the lower half of the second one. And I also see a frog with bug-eyes.

  2. bohemianbailie

    I am always convinced I see faces in the clouds then get all spooked out and have to look away real fast!!

  3. haha love that video of your boss with the iphone, as well as the cloud drawings of your pups. i am also thinking that you’re too creative for an office desk job. congrats on the promotion!

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