crazy lady stole my fence

I’ve already told quite a few people about this so if you already know the story, sorry. To those of you that this is news to, read on….

Hokay, so we’re set to close on our house tomorrow (yippee!) – walk-through in the morning, closing in the afternoon. In all honesty, so far this process has been really easy considering it’s a short sale and we expected it to take around 6 months, but we’re closing in 3. Also considering it’s a short sale, the seller isn’t exactly happy that she’s walking away from her house and not getting a penny and she was a complete psycho nutter when we were there for the first showing and during our inspection and appraisal. Click ‘here’ for a refresher.

I was up north yesterday for Sharon’s baby shower (which by the way was fantastical since I won a margarita gift basket) and decided to drive past the house on my way home – we were told she was moving out yesterday and I guess I just wanted to make sure the house was still standing and see if it looked like she had moved yet. My jaw actually dropped open and hit me in the boobs when I drove past and saw crazy lady walking around the yard in nothing but her bra and shorts (who does that???) AND THE FENCE IS GONE! She took down the fucking fence.

So if it’s just the fence, I guess I can handle that even though we will have to pay for a new one. But that fence has me so worried and wondering what the in the world is going on inside the house. It kills me that she will have had 2 more days to trash the place, or take all the blinds and light fixtures and kitchen cabinets and floor tiles with her while we sit here with our hands tied behind our backs. I’m really hoping she just kinda turned too fast and knocked the fence over with her giant boobs and then was like, “oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen, let me just put that back up now,” and I just drove away too fast to actually see it all happen.

Please please please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!!! And I promise I’ll update here tomorrow after the walk-through to let you all know what the naked loony did to our house.



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4 responses to “crazy lady stole my fence

  1. Em

    Ohhhhh my god. What a loony toon!! Seriously, that’s just not right. Although in her mind I’m sure it’s perfectly normal. “Nope, nothin’ to see here. Jus walkin’ ’round my property all nekkid an’ stuff, takin’ down mah fence.” (I have no idea why she has a southern accent…just go with it.) I’m curious to see how the walk-through turns out. Hopefully she leaves you with at LEAST the kitchen sink.

  2. Jane

    Since it’s your house, why is she allowed to take anything? I’m not trying to be insensitive– I’d be a bitch too if I got foreclosed. I just think you should have the right to tell her that whatever she takes, she pays for. Including the fence, and the counters, floors, walls, ect. ect. ect.

    I heard a story on the radio about how a man and his son were walking at 6 am (SIX A M!!!) and he sued this woman for walking around naked in her own house, with the blinds cracked. Anyway, he won. ( I know, stupid. It’s a little extreme, even for Texas.) But the point is, you could try and make some money off your newly-damaged eyesight, because not only was she walking around naked, but she was on your property.

  3. I know you want sympathy, but I couldn’t help it, I laughed. I hope she doesn’t do any more absconding with pieces of the house before you get in.

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