spackle my crackle

I’m heading back to the house tonight because I realized I should probably take all the nails and screws out of the wall and spackle before my sister and I paint tomorrow (Scott’s afraid he’s not gonna see me again for the next week at the rate I’m going). I’ve spackled before and I don’t remember it being difficult – it’s been a long time but, come on, how could I possibly screw it up? (please don’t let those be famous last words).

I picked up these beauties on my lunch break:

Since I’m going it alone tonight, I’m really happy we changed all the lightbulbs last night because before we did, I was getting that creepy, I don’t know this house, dark shadows in the corner kinda feeling. And now when all the lights are on, I’m positive from the outside you can see beams of light shooting out the windows. Look up in the sky tonight…those aren’t search lights, that’s my house. Wish me luck on tackling my spackling!

I also wanted to share a valuable lesson I learned this week from Craigslist. When posting something really good in the free category like I did…

 …DON’T INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER! I seriously got 15 calls in less than an hour. That’s one call every 4 minutes for the next 60. Not cool. I also got a bunch of texts from the same. person. that. liked. to. put. a. period. after. every. word. My brain wanted to pause slightly after each word and it was so annoying that I decided he couldn’t have my tv and I ignored him. I decided I was only going to respond to the people who left me a nice voicemail or had names that I liked. And the winner was a sweet guy from Humboldt Park named Umberto. It also helped that he had a van and could come that night. Hazy’s all, “WTF momma, those guys just took our tv!”

We’ve been packing a little bit here and there, and a few days ago, I finally started on the kitchen. I packed up the glasses and pots and pans while Scott tackled the spice cabinet (which is utterly ridiculous considering it was full and neither one of us cook). We have spices I’ve never heard of and spices I wouldn’t know what to do with, but you name it, we have it. Oh, guess what else we have…would you consider 2-year-old unrefrigerated butter a spice? ‘Cause apparently we do.

We moved in 2 years ago. That’s been in there since the day we moved in because we are disgusting. Oh, how I hate packing. 

Busy weekend ahead. Tonight – spackle spectacular. Tomorrow night – paint playtime. And Saturday (ugggghhhhh)….

  1. appliance delivery guys
  2. Comcast
  3. plumber
  4. cleaning service
  5. duct cleaners
  6. power washer
  7. window repair man
  8. landscapers
  9. painters (my sisters)
  10. various friends dropping by

Is it a week from Friday, yet? By then, everything will be ready and it’ll be moving day. I’d kinda like to get these in the new place and we’re slowly running out of room…

And I promise, I’ll take some pictures of the new house tonight. Maybe I’ll even take some pictures of my ridiculously awesome spackling skills…that is, if all goes as planned of course. Fingers crossed!



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6 responses to “spackle my crackle

  1. Congrats on the new place! Can’t wait to see pictures!

    Also, SO TRUE about not leaving the Craigslist phone number. I heart Craiglist (in the SF Bay Area we use it for seriously everything), but something about it brings out the crazy in people sometimes.

    • Yeah, definitely learned that the hard way!! The texting guy sent me 4 texts and 3 emails within the hour. He was ultimately the reason I took the ad down.

  2. Jane

    What color are you painting? And are you going for stainless steel appliances, or solid colored ones? Just curiosity.

    • We ordered all black appliances and all the rooms will be a different color. Kitchen is going from a granny smith green to french country blue (Glidden). Pics to come soon hopefully!

    • If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon toerpdo.

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