with every paint stroke…

…I feel like I’m painting away more and more of the crazy lady. And it feels goooooooooood.

It’s been a few days since my last post but I’ve been busy and I have lots to show you!! We last left off on Thursday when I was getting ready to tackle the spackle, ‘member? I discovered that night that spackling is surprisingly easy! I also learned a fun little trick that came in handy more than once…you know those drywall screw anchors? The little plastic thingies that are usually a bright color, stick out just slightly, and are impossible to pull out? All you have to do is hold your spackle spatula like a dagger and give it a good whack from the top and wouldn’t you know it, the plastic lip pops right off!

And if you happen to gouge your wall by accident (’cause I, um, hear that can happen sometimes) you already have a container of spackle in your hand to cover it up!

Over the last 2 weeks, my new online best friend (aside from you all of course) has been the Glidden Room Painter. (as a bonus, one of my agents brought in his Spyder3Pro, a cute little tool that calibrated my monitor not too long ago so I know I’m seeing the colors pretty true to what they are) I’ve been putting room colors together which is totally helping me visualize what adjacent rooms will look like with different color combos. Looky, here’s my basement and laundry room:

For some reason this is so much more helpful to me than a basic color swatch. I picked out all of my colors and Friday night was paint night with my sister, Julie. We managed to get the kitchen, basement, and laundry room finished. The kitchen went from in your face green to Magic Spell by Behr:

And then the appliances came – I never knew I could love appliances so much!

Clearly someone has been drinking all of my beer, just ignore the empty 12 pack on the counter 🙂 I swear, there’s a sink in there somewhere.

The basement and laundry room got a makeover as well. They were both off white, dirty, and boring and I didn’t take any photos of the before. So the basement got a nice coat of Soft Suede by Glidden, and the laundry room got Pale Jade, also by Glidden:

Ummmm, so you see the wall behind the washer/dryer in the first picture? It was totally there when we painted. Yep, painted the whole damn thing, and when the appliances were delivered on Saturday, the installation guy noticed that the dryer vent was broken. In the wall. Which means that for who knows how long, the vent has been venting all of its lint and moisture directly into the wall so they had to rip it out to be able to install the appliances.  And darn it, if I wasn’t going to get my washer/dryer that day, someone was gonna get hurt. They were the only appliance I truly had an opinion about and really splurged on so I had no problem with the wall coming down!

At the same time the appliances were delivered, my sister, Michelle, helped me paint the living room and dining room. They started out a funky mustard color which we painted over with Prairie Sage by Glidden. This by far is my most favorite color that we’ve used in the house so far. Ew, not this color…

Throw in some Craigslist couches and tables from IKEA and you get a pretty nice looking living room. It’s a little bare for now but that will quickly change:

I’d say we did pretty good considering this was one of my inspiration photos before we started any of this:

And my 2 favorite things from the weekend:

1. The gift basket Sharon and Mike brought over. How frickin’ thoughtful are they?!?! Seriously, this thing has come in handy so much and the actual basket is exactly like one I registered for and never got:

2. Scott’s awesome suspenders he found in one of the upstairs closets. He strapped these babies on, hiked up his pants, stuck out various body parts and called himself the Plumber.

His famous line was, “I’m a plumber, that’s what I do. I plumb with me moustache.” To be fair, I know most plumbers don’t wear suspenders or stick their butts or tums out or have moustaches or thick Chicago accents, but mine does. I kept catching him out the corner of my eye doing that grab-the-straps-with-your-thumbs-and-stretch-the-bands-up-and-down motion. Makes me giggle 🙂

This past week has been fun and exciting, but it’s exhausting! It’s tough waking up at 5:30am, going to work for 9 hours, then going to the house to paint until 10pm, driving back to the city, getting 6 hours of sleep, then doing it all over again everyday after that. Ah, but it has to be done. More painting tonight and tomorrow and this time, I’m on my own to do 4 bedrooms and a hallway. Oh, my aching muscles. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, moving day is Friday!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I took all of your advice and got a locking mailbox! I’m not at the house enough yet to know if she’s come by, but I’m guessing she took one look at the new box and won’t be back. I hope. I hope. I hope.



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2 responses to “with every paint stroke…

  1. Jane

    When you said granny smith green, I pictured it a few shades lighter and a little less lime-y. Crazy lady has weird taste in color. You should put up a decoy mail box with a rattler or a copperhead in it for crazy lady, just in case. (And it would be funny if you got to see her open it. I’m just spreading the vengeful spirit around.)

  2. Lookin’ gooood! Excited to see the finished product!!

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