popping in for a quick helloooooooooo!

Back at work today for the first time since last Wed., and I’m happy to report the move went smoothly! Thursday I finished up painting and cleaning, then went back to the apartment and threw my last few belongings in boxes. Friday morning I drove back to the house to meet the movers on the other end and I have to say, I’ve been missing out! I’ve moved 8 times in the last 10 years and this was the first time I’ve ever used movers that I couldn’t pay in pizza and beer, aka my friends. And it was worth every penny.

Once the movers finished and Scott and moms arrived, we immediately tackled the boxes. Together, moms unpacked the kitchen for us which was such a huge help, and Scott and I started on everything else. Fast forward to last night, and we’re just about finished! (ignore the 150 empty boxes we threw into the carport, I’m sure our neighbors are starting to get worried that we’re the new white trash couple that’s gonna ruin the neighborhood with lawn garbage.) I’m not gonna lie, unpacking a 4 bedroom house in 2 days didn’t come without fatigue, muscle cramps, bruises, dehydration, 50 trips to Home Depot and wanting to kill each other a few times, but it’s done and I’m happy. I’m especially happy because I’ve been sitting on my butt here at work today for the last 7 hours, something I haven’t done for more than 5 minutes over the last 5 days.

Anywho, just wanted to drop a line and let you all know I haven’t forgotten about ya, and I promise a better post very soon, hopefully tomorrow. It’ll certainly help when we have internet working at home so I can actually organize my thoughts and pictures without being interrupted by 35 people asking me to do work. Jeez, don’t they know I have stuff to do??



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2 responses to “popping in for a quick helloooooooooo!

  1. Jane

    Has the crazy woman showed up to your new home yet?

    • It’s hard to say, we haven’t seen her since Friday for sure. The tough part is that the mail person is still putting her stuff in our box so our options are either 1) pull it all out and leave it under the box lid for the mail person to take back (which clearly makes it easy for Crazy to show up and just grab it everyday), or 2) make a special trip to the post office say once a week and drop it off, which is just WAY too much effort to me. Either way, she’s either gone for good or getting really sneaky so we don’t see her, and I’m totally ok with either 🙂

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