weekend recap

I’m sorry, Hazy. I’m sorry, Hazy. I’m sorry, Hazy.

See those big floppy ears?

Well, those awesome floppy ears that make her forever look like a puppy tend to get knotty because her fur is soft like a cotton ball and it mats really easily. So I noticed a knot the other day and cut it off. Then I noticed another and cut that one, too. I think you all see where this is going.

Now she has this big fluffy noggin and little nubs for ears and I apologize to her every time I look at her. 😦 I’M SORRY, HAZY!

Anywho, the house is coming right along and IKEA has officially gotten my first born’s college tuition. I swear if I could live there, I’d move in in a heartbeat and live off Swedish meatballs and lingonberries. Our latest shopping trip on Sunday morning involved my mom, 2 SUVs, and 3 rolly carts full of everything we could grab from aisles 9-34, bins 3-17. We picked up our platform bed that I wrote about here (thanks mom!), 2 more end tables (again, thanks mom!), a dining room table and 4 chairs, 3 bookshelves, and a dresser. And in true Scott/Jaime style, we had everything assembled that night before bed because that’s how we roll.

And I think I have a serious problem because I now want to get 2 more bookcases to completely cover that wall. It’ll be our little library. Then I promise, I’ll try to stay away from IKEA for a while ’cause let’s face it, I know they’re not going anywhere considering we’ve paid them enough to stay open for the next 2 years. I seriously can’t believe we’ve only been living in the house for a week and we’ve gone from this:

…to this:

It’s slowly losing that unfamiliar hotel kinda feel and becoming more and more my home. Of course I’m still tip-toeing down the stairs in the dark, feeling for that last step before I realize I’m already on the landing, but that sort of familiarity will come with time.

Today is day 102 of no smoking and I’m proud to say I haven’t cheated once. Definitely still craving cigarettes everyday of my life, but when I see pictures like this, it actually looks so strange and foreign to me now:

I’m also happy to report that although I’ve gained 6 pounds, I think my quitting-smoking-weight has evened out. And I can definitely live with 6 pounds, it’s much better than the 20 I gained when I quit 10 years ago.

And I’m gonna end on this note so you can have another glimpse into the glamorous life of Office Jaime, Wonder Woman’s nerdy sister. Say hello to the sad sack I have to stare at all day…

I swear I can hear the plant crying.



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3 responses to “weekend recap

  1. Jane

    Are you not allowed to water it? Or is it just inaccessible?

    • I could probably water it but we have a service that comes in and swaps out the plants every other week. This one looked like this when it was delivered so I’m not sure there’s much hope for it.

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