random stew

Ah, cleaning my ring for the first time since the move…

Why yes, I am cleaning my rings at work using the easiest method ever. I talked about it here on Weddingbee and here on my wedding blog, but let me refresh your memory:

  • Put water in a mug.
  • Put mug in microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add a few drops of liquid dish soap (not the stuff you put in the dishwasher, more like Ivory Liquid or Dawn).
  • Drop in ring and let sit ’til water cools.
  • Rub with a jewelry brush (I’ve been using my trusty eyeshadow brush cause it’s nice and gentle).
  • Rinse

I have to give credit to Aunt Carol for this awesome tip, she’s helping to make the diamonds of the world sparkly! It’s so simple and as long as you have access to a mug, water, and soap, you can clean your rings anywhere 🙂 And now that my hand is casting little rainbows on the wall, other little things on my mind….

One of these two has been peeing on my rug and I’m sure I know who the little dark-haired curly culprit is (yeah, I’m talking about YOU, Princess).

That is pure guilt in her eyes right there. I’m sure you can see it, too. The worst part is that it’s happening when one of us is home because when we’re not, they don’t have access to that room. And I’ve been so good about taking them out 4 times a day but I also had a feeling this would happen since it’s not the first time I’ve tried to keep a rug in a living room. For some reason in her head, carpet=potty. Grr. Eventually there will come a day when I will learn.

And finally, my newest toy I’m officially saving up for is this bad boy, the Canon EOS Rebel XSi:

Click here for a quick overview

My current camera is a piece of garbage Casio point-and-shoot and it’s becoming more and more frustrating to use. See that mug picture up there? That was the best one out of probably 15 I took of it. Ridiculous. I see something I want to photograph, I see the contrast, the background, the lighting just so, I even check the histogram to make sure my color balance is good. I angle, I click, then wait, wait, then look, and the photo ends up blurry or grainy. Or doesn’t quite show the detail I saw with my eyes. Or it focused on something in the background instead of my intended subject. And don’t even get me started on the joke that is my macro setting. So I typically take a picture then spend an hour in Photoshop trying to adjust everything that the camera did wrong, but there’s only so much Photoshop can do. So I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade to a DSLR. Ok, so I have a dining room set to pay off first, but after that this baby’s all mine!

p.s. speaking of Photoshop, my newest online obsession that I found yesterday is this website. Wanna figure out how to do something in Photoshop? I can almost guarantee there’s a tutorial for it here. I’m officially in graphic art heaven.

Happy Thursday!



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4 responses to “random stew

  1. Jane

    I use an olympus that my granddaddy gave to me before he died– as soon as 2000 hit, he became obsessed with trying to be one with the future, but would get frustrated causing my cousins and I to get all of his neat, top-of-the-line electronics.

    Anyway, my olympus works amazing, for what it’s set up to do. Take pictures, and the occasional video. I just need to get a better memory card….

  2. We had to give up on having a rug in our half bathroom, because one of our cats insisted on peeing on it, not not the rugs in the other bathrooms. So frustrating! But congrats on getting a new camera, I’m totally jealous!

  3. Arthur

    Im the proud owner of a Rebel XSi.
    Its a nice entry-level camera. After buying the camera, the first thing you should buy is a lens better known as the “nifty-fifty”, is a 50mm lens, with a very wide aperture.
    The lens is far better than the kit lens included with your camera.
    Is one otf the cheapest lenses canon makes, just about $99 dollars.

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