creative outlets

So I think I’ve mentioned that Amy and I both ooze creativity and the office environment doesn’t exactly nurture our imaginations. This stifling has in turn caused us to lash out and create such things as the Adventures of Little Bobby:

…and hiding his good arm in various places for each other to find like inside the printer or taped to the underside of a desk chair:

…burying our boss’s cube in balloons:

…making it look like Santa threw up in the conference room:

…and ugly Christmas sweater day (3rd annual is coming in a few months!):

And I know I’ve mentioned my love of Photoshop a few times which also led to various emails I’ve sent to Amy reminding her of the time she walked the red carpet with her boyfriend, Shia:

…and the time they went jogging together then cooled off in the grass:

Creativity has also led to Lance’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday cake:

…and a shirt that we gave him that I’m SURE he wears all the time:

 I made my blog header:

…and my mom loves all things leaves and reads the blog regularly, so I made a possible new header with her in mind that’s just waiting for the first day of autumn:

And when Amy was looking for new ideas for a blog header, I got right on that:

So yesterday she mentioned that she didn’t have blogger business cards to hand out at the conference she’s going to this weekend. I think you see where this is going:

And in living color (original pic found on Amy’s blog here):

So I officially have another thing to add to the creative resume! Hmmmm, could this be a possible new freelance business venture? Anyone want some business cards or a blog header or be photoshopped into a picture of your celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend so you can remember that time you two ate pizza together at an outdoor cafe and were snapped relentlessly by the paparazzi?

I’m your girl.



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6 responses to “creative outlets

  1. Careful, you’ve just opened yourself up to people like me that would take a Miley Tshirt and business card – can I get a discount if I purchase both? LOL.

    What a hysterical post!! You’re cracking me up.

    • For a limited time only, if you order both along with a photoshopped picture of you with your celebrity significant other, you get the triple play discount!

  2. Jane

    I like the cityscape in the business card. And the balloon thing. I think I’ll fill up the ROTC room at my highschool with balloons, now. My creative outlets are playing sims, and baking. I need to slow down on both, though, and PT some of my baking habit off. I’ve made 300 snickerdoodles in the past two weeks.

  3. Joe

    Hey nice shirts!

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