pepe evens the score

Pepe the skunk apparently liked our backyard because he’s been telling his friends about it.

The doggies chased this guy up the tree last night because they’re good little dogs that know that momma doesn’t like critters.

Dear Mr. Possum,

Stop looking at me like that, you’re freaking me out. You might want to warn your friends about the evil dogs that chased you up the tree. They’ll pretty much be expecting you every night when I let them out now. Thanks a ton.

Suck it,


Me: 1, Pepe:1



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2 responses to “pepe evens the score

  1. Jane

    You could see if D-CON for skunks and possums– sweet talk the hubby into removing the corpses. Then the score should look like this:

    You: X, Pepe: 1

    X is the number of critters you banish from your yard.

    And even if Scott won’t get the bodies out, the D-CON is supposed to crystalize their blood and innards, so when they rot, they won’t stink, just turn into a puff of animal dust and blow away with the wind. Or a leaf blower.

  2. Those opossums freak me OUT! Euw euw euw. Exterminate. Now.

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