weekend recap

Busy busy busy weekend! Funny considering Saturday I actually turned to Scott before he left for the Cubs game and said something about blah blah first Saturday blah with nothing blah blah to do blah. So what does a new homeowner do when there is nothing to do? You paint the bathroom, silly! Ok, maybe that’s just what I do.

I swear, I don’t know when Jaime officially left the building, but she has been replaced with someone who’s DVR is full and she’d rather dig up roots in her backyard than see what Taylor has done to Rachel Zoe this time.

Ok, now I kinda want to know.

Anywho, our newest addition to the decor of the house aside from a freshly painted bathroom is this lovely:

Everyone wave to the happy lifeguard! Scott’s mom is having a garage sale soon and has been going through everything in her basement, and the Country/Willow street sign seemed quite appropriate to have in our basement considering this is the corner we grew up on together. If you don’t know the background story behind how I literally married the boy next door, read up on it here. Or a quick blurb for yous guys that don’t want to click over: 

“My whole adolescence, I had a crush on [Scott] (he was 3 years older than me).  I would knock on his door when I knew he was home, and ask to borrow eggs or sugar and tell him I was baking cookies, just to see him. He’d hand over the eggs and always replied with “only if I get some of those cookies when you’re done!” He never did get any cookies though cause I was never actually baking.  There is also still a heart that I drew in my closet in my parents’ house that says ‘I love Scott, borrowed 2 eggs from him today, dated 1992’. 

If you had told me, when I was 13 and baking fake cookies for Scott, that I would be marrying him 19 years later, I would have called you crazy. Wow, what I wouldn’t give to go back and tell my 13-year-old self to hang in there and truly believe that everything happens for a reason.”

Anywho, not to get all sappy pants on you, but we hung the sign in the basement and it makes for some nice sentimental decor.

And more house updates… ‘member when I tried to smother Paul McCartney with pillows in our apartment?

Paul, his hazy eyes, and a few of his closest friends are now happily hanging in my dining room, and I think they’re much happier there. (I totally snagged this picture of my dining room and the 3 pictures after from Amy’s blog):

What up, George 😉

Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of pure madness and mayhem and I just figured out a huge benefit to having friends that blog….they might just recap an entire day for you! Thanks, Amy! And for another quick synopsis in case you still don’t want to click away from here:

I ate crepes and they were divine. And I found out through the magic of photography that my ginormous sunglasses look like a big ass bow on the top of my head:

Chuck is still part of my tree and Amy happened to get a nice close up of him while he was busy watering himself:

And men with sledgehammers are the equivalent of little boys with little plastic hammers banging away with little smiles on their faces:

That would be Scott and friends demolishing the disgusting thing that Crazy deemed a fountain. It was seriously a plastic bucket surrounded by concrete and random rocks, complete with a tub sitting in a hole in the ground breeding our neighborhood’s mosquito supply. Oh I was happy to see that go! We managed to clear out the ENTIRE backyard in one afternoon and literally filled a dumpster with all the crap left over by Crazy.

95% of that stuff had been piled in our backyard pretty much since the first week we moved in. Hey, we had to put it somewhere! But I started getting paranoid that we looked like trash (our yard certainly did) considering our neighbors are all horticultural geniuses with perfectly manicured lawns. True story, I felt guilty about my yard last week when on my way home, I actually saw a woman digging up the weeds that were growing between her curb and the street! And I heard the whisper of a communal sigh when the neighbors saw the big green beast above being dropped off in our driveway Friday morning.

We not only cleared all the garbage out and reclaimed half of our deck,

But I got a little over ambitious and dug up all the wood and the path that led to the garden on the side of the carport:

Aside from a random tomato plant on the left, Crazy lady thought weeds would make a nice addition to the garden. Too bad I can hear the tomatoes screaming, poor babies.

Dumpster will be gone tomorrow so we can reclaim our driveway, and landscapers coming on Wed. to finish what we started.

Stay tuned and happy Monday!



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4 responses to “weekend recap

  1. Jane

    For awhile, there was a big dumpster in the driveway of the house we’re living in now. We were using it to clean my granddaddy’s attic, after he died. No one complained about it, though, because all our neighbors are old and never leave their houses.

  2. Three things:

    1. I LOVE those street signs and especially the meaning and story behind them. That is the cutest thing ever.
    2. I love your dining set! Can’t wait for a house photo tour!
    3. For some reason, I’d totally forgotten crepes existed, and after seeing these photos I made them for dinner tonight. YUM. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. I’ve always loved your how-we-met story. Seriously so perfect, like a movie. Hmmm maybe you guys should write a screenplay? The street signs are a perfect touch!

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