it’s the little things…

Little things making me smile today:

1) Having a moment of clarity this morning on my way to work when I came across this sign, because really, before now I wasn’t totally sure…

Thank you, village of Park Ridge.

2) Sad and a bit terrified to discover that my diamond was loose in my ring so it’s at the jewelers, but happy to be able to rock some alternative bling for the next week or so. Today’s choice was this sparkler…

3) Knowing that I’m about to make these two very happy in a second…

You see, our two lovely mommas unpacked our kitchen for us and I still can’t thank them enough, they seriously saved us such a huge headache trying to organize all that is kitchen. Only problem was that the things we probably use in the kitchen the most, our salt and pepper shakers, were MIA since moving day. That is, until last night!

Ta da!! I cooked last night (I know, right? Did that just come out of my mouth?) and when Scott pulled the big pot out for me to boil water in, he found these along with a package of napkins inside. Sounds like a packing job I probably did.

4) The smell of autumn was in the air this morning and I’m getting very excited for fun things that I’ve discovered our new town has to offer. Apple picking and pumpkin patches, hay rides, haunted houses and more…oh, I’m like a kid in a candy store right now 🙂 Granted most of these events say that you get free admission when you bring a child and someone might mistake me as a weirdo when they realize the person ‘woot woot’ing because they picked the best punkin in the patch is a 32-year-old grown ass woman. But I ask you, is it wrong that I don’t need a 3-year-old with me to build my own scarecrow? Seriously, how fun would that be?!?

I think re-learning to be a suburbanite is happening quicker than I thought it would.



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3 responses to “it’s the little things…

  1. I’ll be upset if you visit the pumpkin patch without me. Just sayin’.

    I want to carve pumpkins and roast pumpkin seeds. Like now.

  2. Jane

    When I lost my salt shakers, I made more out of Dr. Pepper bottles. (the glass ones) I later found out that my neighbor bought them at a garage sale of ours. We had been using them on our dinner while we were watching people rummage through our belongings.

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