that labeouf guy and i are like this

Totally unrelated, but let me first start off with the bling of day #4 sans engagement ring, another beauty picked up at a street festival this year:

I love it ’cause it looks like a giant dandelion. 🙂

Anywho, on to more pressing issues.

Let me preface this by openly admitting that I’m nosy.

When we moved into the new house a month ago, Scott and I both noticed the gazillion people and their cars coming and going at the house across the street. It’s seriously ridiculous and to my credit, it’s hard not to notice – one car leaves and another 2 cars pull up. And there are always, at minimum, 6 cars both in their driveway and parked on the street at all times. Hmmmmm. Drug lords of the north shore, perhaps?

Oh, I feel I should mention that I have a pretty active imagination but that’s really totally beside the point.

So lately I’ve started noticing other things – they have a dealer license plate that’ll be on one car when I leave in the morning, and on a different car by evening. There’s always one of three people in the driveway working on a car, and it’s never the same car. They had a white car in the driveway the other day, had both doors open, and I noticed that the insides of the doors were stripped. Changing the locks, maybe? Two people tinkered away at this car for a few hours, then some greasy blond guy in a tank top came by, drove it around the block, looked it over for a bit, shook hands with one of the guys, and drove away with the car. Hmmm, did the guy just buy it? Seemed to be the case.

Did I mention that I’m nosy? Hokay, just checking. 

Yesterday they had a car up on a jack for a bit, totally innocent I’m sure, but then as they pulled the car back onto the street…

…I noticed a new car that I haven’t seen over there before parked back in the driveway almost out of view, and it didn’t have a license plate. And yep, I sure did take a picture just to prove to you all that I’m not making this stuff up. See?

Ok, so using my incredible powers of deduction, I’ve concluded that there are a few different scenarios possibly going on here:

1) They personally own roughly 70 cars and fix them up one by one, then take them to their storage lot somewhere down the street when they’re finished. The greasy guy I saw the other day was their new personal valet. And half of the cars don’t have plates ’cause really, who can afford 70 different stickers when they all expire every year? That’s almost $6,000 per year in plate stickers alone. Factor in gas and insurance on 70 cars and the only logical way to save a buck would clearly be to rotate a few plates at a time, and one of them just happens to be a dealer plate.

2) Maybe the unincorporated laws are more lenient than I realized and they’re running a legit Carmax out of their home, they just haven’t put up the sign yet.

3) I’ve single-handedly uncovered a vehicle theft ring right across the street.

I’m reminded of and inspired by Shia’s character in the movie Disturbia where everyone thought he was paranoid but he actually ended up exposing a cold-blooded killer who was living next door and tried to kill Shia, his mom, and his girlfriend, until Shia outsmarted him and led the police to the killer’s ultimate demise.

I think further investigation and perhaps binoculars are in order.



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7 responses to “that labeouf guy and i are like this

  1. I work in local government and the one thing I can tell you is… CALL THE POLICE!!! 🙂 So often after people get caught for stuff, later their neighbors say that they thought something was off at that house but didn’t want to say anything because they thought no one would listen. If you call it in, the police will at least take a look at what is going on over there, and from what you are describing, it sounds shady as hell and it shouldn’t take much for the cops to see that too. You really are the best ears and eyes the police have, and if you don’t report it they may never catch it. They’ll probably also be able to tell you specific things to look out for, and when the best time to call something in might be (for instance, I believe when there is a car without plates, they can generally get on the property to deal with that, and possible scope out other things that might be problematic or signs of other crimes).

    You probably aren’t as “paranoid” as you think, a million cars coming and going from one house is generally a sign of something criminal going on. Give those cops something to do by pointing out the shady behavior across the street!

  2. Jane

    Let the cops in on it! You might get to see a high-speed chase going through your neighborhood!

  3. Hubs and I are just as nosy! I’d totally be doing the same thing! Call the cops and see what happens – let’s up this drama 😉

  4. Becca

    I have similar neighbors! Only I think they’re drug dealers and not car thieves. They have people stopping by all the time, not for long periods of time, and sometimes they just park out front and don’t even go in. Once a guy in a big Bronco with the word “Boss” in vinyl on the window stopped by. These people also have a child, and had a birthday party with orange and black balloons a couple weeks ago? I’ve never called the cops since I just rent and I don’t really want to get involved, but the cops came by a couple weeks ago, (with a warrant I think) and knocked on the door, but no one was home :/ My cousin heard them talking and the one said he’d been there before and it wasn’t a drug house. I think they’re wrong though because I’ve never seen anyone with That many visitors. If they are doing something shady, I hope they get caught soon, it’s super annoying and you don’t wanna always worry about what could happen… (I’m convinced there’s going to be a drive by shooting one day and a stay bullet will make it to my house. But you shouldn’t worry about stuff like that 😉

  5. Jessica

    I agree with the other posters that there is something fishy going on and I would start tracking the evidence in a notebook and call the cops! Let them deal with it. I would be super annoyed! I don’t even like that our next door neighbors have about ten cars out in their yard and a boat that keeps creeping into our yard…it making it look very much like a junkyard and drives me crazy!

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