my lightbulb moment

Ok, I’m an idiot. But first, let me start off with the bling of the day ’cause the e-ring is still in the hands of the jeweler…

K, back to my doh! moment this morning. So I’m reheating my coffee in the microwave and as I’m standing there, I look just a little closer at the microwave.

Ok. How long have we been in the house? A month you say?

And how long have we had our new appliances? Oh, a month as well, huh?

As a self-proclaimed nerdy lover of under cabinet lighting and one that was thrilled to find out our new kitchen came fully equipped with said lighting, you would think I would have noticed this sooner….

Where did that come from???

I know, Hazy, I be stoopid.



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3 responses to “my lightbulb moment

  1. Jane

    I was amazed to find out that my oven had an oven light, this weekend. I was also amazed to find out that toll house had a recipe on the back of the chocolate chips.

  2. bohemianbailie

    that is the perfect getting a glass of water at night light!!

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