healing the holes in my happy bubble

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, the kinda day where you just feel a little off. Where every person that you come to pushes your shoulder back so you stumble into someone else that pushes your other shoulder forward and you end up bouncing around back and forth like a beaten up rag doll. Where everything that is said to you makes you want to pull your hair out. Where you want to go curl up in a cozy room with nothing but a fuzzy blanket and your sweet husband and puppies just so you can be secure in your little world and not let anyone else on the outside make you want to whisper ‘fuck you’ when they walk away. You know, the same words you spewed every time someone hung up on you today, or cut you short when you were speaking, or asked you to do something for them that they could easily do themselves, they just didn’t want to because they’re lazy and take advantage of you. One of those days where the walls of your happy bubble are scratched thinner and thinner with every comment that makes you feel completely unappreciated and you struggle to patch up the tiny holes faster than they form because they’re threatening to deflate your bubble ’til it’s empty.

It really wasn’t a good day.

So I took matters into my own hands and did something I knew would cheer me up a bit and throw me back into my happy place of harmony and imagination…I wandered the aisles of Joann Fabrics and Michaels. There’s something so serene and calming about stepping into a craft store. The woodsy smell of faux florals and naked wreaths just waiting to be brought to life with pinecones and berries and greenery, the colorful contrast of patterned fabrics lined up on shelves, the upcoming seasons represented by vivid colors and familiar textures. The cloak of silence that was once reserved for libraries but extended into this magical place that is only as big as your own imagination. It’s this silence that allows you to walk around peacefully in your happy bubble while reinforcing the walls with every scrapbook or bead or yarn aisle you glance down. And naysayers may complain that we’re still 2 months out but, ah, Halloween is sprouting it’s creepy crawly witch hat-clad head and I’m thrilled to have a whole house to decorate now. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy myself a Michaels if just for the month of October. I probably stood smelling the new candles for a good half hour, soaking in as much ‘fall foliage’ and ‘baked cookie’ as I could and finally settled on ‘pumpkin spice’ and ‘cinnamon bun’, knowing full well I’ll be back for the other two soon. I grabbed some glittery spider candles and pumpkin tealight holders, ghost and bat decals that will welcome visitors at our kitchen door, and a big fuzzy spider that may end up crawling on the corner of our living room tv. Oh how I love the creativity and spooky fantasy of all things Halloween. This was my kitchen table as of this morning and at this point I know I’ve only just begun:

I think I’ve successfully healed all the little holes that were created, my happy bubble’s walls are 2 inches thick today.

Only 20 more days ’til fall, happy September everyone!



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10 responses to “healing the holes in my happy bubble

  1. Oh aren’t those days just the BEST? At least we have Michaels 🙂

    Oh, and I don’t like beans so I pick them out of chili, too. You are not alone, although your pile is much neater than anything I could create.

  2. Julie Netzky

    You are very loved.

  3. Jane

    I can’t wait for an excuse to wear a candy corn necklace to school.

  4. bohemianbailie

    O how I cannot wait for decorating season! I know I could decorate for spring/summer holidays but it just does not have the same impact and my FI and I just moved into our first place together and I do not think he knows whats coming!!!

    • I think Scott was a little floored the first time I decorated for Christmas after we moved in together, but after 2 seasons I think he just looks the other way now!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe how close it’s getting to fall already! Where did this summer go?

    And I completely agree with you, going to the craft store is like a giant band-aid for your well being!

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