i’ll meet you in the blue room

It’s a perfectly miserable day here in Chicago, watched the storms roll through at lunch:

And there’s nothing like bright sparkly bling to brighten a gloomy day… Tuesday’s choice (which I discovered some of you may have seen in your Google Reader yesterday):

And for Wednesday and today’s bling I pulled out the imposter that I originally wrote about in my wedding ramblings:

Doesn’t quite have the same effect as the real thing but it’s serving its purpose. Can’t wait to get my ring back, I’m running out of obnoxiously fun rings.

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to share a little something that most of you don’t know.

Don’t judge, just hear me out.

We have a poo room.

Ok, it’s not at all what you think although now I’m a little curious to hear what comes to mind when you first hear ‘poo room’. Let me clarify…we have, or I guess now I can happily say had a room that for 1 day only was called the poo room because of the one poor choice I made when picking out paint colors.

The room went from this (this is before we moved in, complete with Crazy’s junk and beautiful sponge painting)…

to this…

My sister wasn’t there when I picked out the color but she was there to help me smear brown paint all over the walls. About 5 minutes into painting, she started quietly giggling and casually mentioned that the paint resembled a certain substance. I told her it didn’t look that bad and I begged her not to refer to a room in my new home as the poo room, but then I took a step back and really took a good look at the wall. And then I painted a likeness of Mr. Hanky right on it. And I maybe giggled a little too hard after painting the corner line simply because it looked like someone literally took poop and wiped it down the crack. So we finished painting, declared the room for one night only the ‘poo room’, and called it a night. The very next day, a little fairy came by, waved her magic wand… 

…and voila, it’s now the studio (pst, I’m the paint fairy). Although since hanging pictures, I’ve also referred to it as the panic room, not because it’s where you hide but because it can induce a panic attack if you stare for too long. Which in turn leads me to reveal to you the strange names we have for various rooms in our house just in case I ever refer to one by its given name, I don’t want you to end up scratching your head asking if you in fact just read about my disco room.

Yep, the third bedroom is referred to as the disco room:

Why you ask? Because before I painted, it looked like this:

We have 2 rooms we call the blue room which can get confusing (we actually have 4 rooms that are blue – the other two are the poo room and the kitchen…confused yet?). One blue room is bedroom #2:

And the other blue room is the downstairs living room which is also called the white room because it looked like this before I painted:

Whatever it is, we need another name for it ’cause when one of us says blue room, we never know which one the other is talking about. And if we happen to call it the white room when talking to anyone that’s been to the house, you can almost see the wheels turning when they’re mentally going over the rooms trying to remember a white one because most people have only seen it blue:

We have the basement that is 1.5 levels below ground making it the sub-basement, although since we don’t call the blue room (above) the basement, we just call the sub-basement the basement or family room:

And we actually had a big debate about what the front room would be called. I insisted on living room just because it’s on the main level and our living room growing up was the room at the front of the house. Scott had a hard time calling it the living room because every living room he’s known has had a white floor so he wanted to call the blue room the living room since it has white tile, and he wanted the front room to be the rec room or family room but to me ‘family room’ means basement. I still can’t not refer to the front room as the living room though ’cause to me, it just is:

So to recap:

  • kitchen=kitchen
  • dining room=dining room
  • laundry room=laundry room
  • upstairs bathroom=Scott’s bathroom
  • downstairs bathroom=my bathroom

So far we’re normal. Let’s move on…

  • front room=living room (me)/family room (Scott)
  • back room=blue room/white room/living room (Scott)
  • sub-basement=basement/family room (me)

Confused? Mkay, this is where things get weird…..

  • bedroom #1=our bedroom
  • bedroom #2=blue room
  • bedroom #3=disco room
  • bedroom #4=poo room/panic room/studio/office

 In conclusion, we’re ridiculous.



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6 responses to “i’ll meet you in the blue room

  1. Jane

    Nicely painted. Hazel, (I think I;m right. I hope I’m right) looks very cute with her toy.

    On another note, it was rainy here, too. I hoped it would rain through the day, but it didn’t even last through my second class. (Damnit!) Ah well…. BTW, have fun decorating your home with Halloween garb!

    • You are correct my friend, that’s Hazel 🙂 And I do love a good rainy day when I’m stuck inside anyway! Can’t wait for fall to start putting up the creepy crawlies…

  2. Mom S

    OMG you made me laugh out loud!!! You’re right about the living room so set Scott straight!

    • Haha, I called Scott on my way home and told him I just published a post that would only truly make sense to him! And I do believe he’s on board now about the living room but for some reason I now feel the need to follow up a comment about the living room with “you know, the front room?” even though I’m sure he knows exactly what I’m talking about.

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  4. Nice painting and representation too.

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