if labor day is for lushes…

…then I certainly earned my day off.

Wowee, what a weekend! Saturday we warmed the house with 30 or so friends and family who came and went throughout the day and night. We grilled, we drank, we laughed, it was a great gathering and a fun excuse to show off all of our hard work over the course of the last month.

Oh and the awesome patio furniture above (minus the camping chair) was made possible by a nice man on Craigslist for $50 and my wonderful mom who helped me move it on Friday. This sexy momma below (the one on the left although Mike, you’re a pretty sexy momma, too) was a trooper coming early with salad and hanging with us for hours despite being 37 weeks along!

And for some reason I felt the need to squash poor Kathy who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Texas in May…

…and then I made Scott follow suit ’cause we missed her enough to squish her to bits…

My sis found a pic on my new photo wall that she wasn’t terribly fond of….so after snapping this picture, I moved the offending photo to the top of the wall where you have to squint really hard to see it…

Thank you to all who came out, it wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you!

Sunday was a day of relaxing and fun for the 2 of us, we finished what was left in the keg (it really wasn’t much, I swear 😉 ) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Oh and in case you didn’t already know, lazy Sunday + keg = mustcopters.

What’s a mustcopter you ask? Why, it’s a helicopter moustache, silly, a surprisingly common occurrence in our backyard these days…

Dragging a few more of those in by the bottom of our feet, we opened the windows and relaxed in front of the tv for hours. That’s when things got even sillier than mustcopters…

From where I was sitting it looked like Scott was on the couch next to Kip and Uncle Rico, something I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been drinking out of a keg at 1:00 in the afternoon, but I digress.

Yesterday we hit Taste of Polonia, one of my favorite Chicago street festivals where we drank piwo and stuffed our faces full of pierogi, potato pancakes, and golumpki while listening to a rather entertaining Billy Joel cover band behind us.

Oh, and my favorite sweatshirt I bought from there last year? This one below (please ignore the cigarette, that picture was taken on my birthday last October…130 days smoke free and going strong!!!)…

Yeah, I got the same sweatshirt in gray yesterday 🙂 Best $30 I spent this weekend!

Sad it’s over, but here’s to warm weekends with beers and brats, good friends and loving family, and being able to say that your dad’s golumpki are better than the Polish fest ones…hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!



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3 responses to “if labor day is for lushes…

  1. Jane

    Wish it was legal for me to drink…but pierogies are effing amazing! I’m actualy going to home make some, this weekend, now that I’ve read this entry. It’s amazing what a blog entry can inspire you to do. Second City Randomness is the reason I went on a cookie kick, a month or two ago.

    • Ummm, so Second City Amy may have brought me 3 cookies to take home today, and well, Scott might not have gotten any ’cause they were maybe gone by noon. That girl and her cookies….

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