nice fish. have you met my dog?

So Scott showed me this last night…

This guy caught a giant goldfish in a lake in the south of France, one they had been trying to catch for 6 years. Call me a skeptic, but the article says that the fish is 30 lbs, the same size as a 3-year-old girl – have you ever seen a 3-year-old girl that big? And why a girl? I’m sure there are 30 lb 3-year-old boys, too. That thing looks like it would be closer to the weight of a prepubescent teen. Plus wouldn’t it be pretty damn easy to spot a bright ass orange fish the size of a small bovine? I’m also kinda guessing if it had been in a lake for 6 years, it would be belly up by now. And this guy doesn’t seem to be struggling to hold it up at all either; I’d half expect some sort of grimace, kinda like this…

Yep, that’s my dog. I found her in a forest near the southern tip of Argentina living off of 60 lb goldfish from the nearby lake, all the while thwarting the fishing authorities for the last 15 years. That is, until I scooped her up by my pinkie finger, threw her over my shoulder and took her home to hose her off in the backyard. She’s sweet as pie and thinks she’s a lap dog.

Man, you should see her poops.



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5 responses to “nice fish. have you met my dog?

  1. Jane

    That goldfish doesn’t look real to me– it looks kind of like those suits people wear at Disney world to attract little kids, in my opinion. My dog is about 85 pounds, as tall as me if you stand her up on her back legs, and she sleeps with my dad. But the stuff about my dog is NOT B.S.

  2. LMFAO, I love you so much for this post. I’m with you, that goldfish looks like total BS to me.

  3. bohemianbailie

    I was laughing so hard at that picture my FI had to come over and look. You should win for best photoshop of the year!

  4. haha i love that! my goodness what an amazing dog–like bigfoot.

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