fun day at the lake

Yesterday Scott and I went up to Aunt Carol and Uncle Steve’s lake house in Twin Lakes, WI – it was my first trip there and I have to say, the house is ah-mazing. Seriously, Scott said “lake house” and I pictured a cabin…like a wood cabin with white sheers blowing around the open windows, a little crocheted rug in front of a wood-burning stove in the corner, furnished with wood tables, wood chairs, and wood couches, all matching the knotty wood walls.

I think I watch too much tv.

So anywho, I was in awe when we stepped into this gorgeous home and let’s just say it was not what a was picturing. And I mean that in the best way possible. Oh, and the color on the walls? It is the perfect shade of frozen push-ups. ‘Member these?

It took all of my might not to lick the wall. Instead I opted for a bagel, lox, potato salad, egg salad, grapes, cheese, crispy raisin bread and a few brownies. Hey, as long as I had food in my mouth, I wasn’t thinking of orange ice cream goodness.

After lunch, Scott and his dad suited up to go water skiing. Scott hadn’t been on skis for 10 years, his dad for 20, but they look like old pros:

…I opted to stay dry considering I was chilly with a sweatshirt on. 

*disclaimer* I also secretly maybe had to poop and didn’t want to risk exerting any energy in a wet suit…that’s not exactly the impression you want to leave on your new in-laws. Could you imagine the family get togethers? Ya, pretty sure me pooping in a wet suit would inevitably be brought up every time I saw them and I’d for certain inherit some sort of nickname like poopski for the rest of my life. No thank you. Steve, if you mention this the next time you see me, I will punch you in the arm.

Anywho, Scott and his dad did a few laps while I stayed close to home on the dock with Scott’s step mom, and I have to say that trying to take pictures of a moving target with a point and shoot made me want that DSLR even more. I kept getting pictures of the water in between the boat and the skier. Like this:

I have about 8 pictures like that and you only get so many chances to snap a good one when someone is actually upright on water skis. I did manage to snap this one just in time though:

My photog skills are incredible, dontcha think? (ok, ok, they were pretty good, too).


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  1. Jane

    The need to defecate never stops me– my b/f’s done so in a river, and I’ve actually left the womens restroom and used the men’s room in a movie theatre because I couldn’t wait until the line went down. It also may have something to do with the fact that I never get around water that much, and when I do, I’m like a lab– I’m hell bent on not missing the fun.

    At least your camera turns on, and doesn’t need a battery change after 100 pictures.

    You’re making me crave fruity pebbles– I loved the Flintstones.

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