raindrops on roses and all that

1. I have to start out with the most exciting news of the day, my bestest friend Sharon is in labor! I’m so happy I went out to see her this past Saturday for a good girly day, ’cause it’s probably the last one we’ll have for a while now. I brought her a bunch of meals I made and froze for her and hubby, then we went to lunch for her first taste of Thai food and got post-pad see eiw manicures. And here I sit now at work, anxiously awaiting a phone call since the first call came yesterday, almost exactly 24 hours ago. So excited for you, so happy for you, congratulations momma, now puuuuuuuuuuush!

2. OPI’s new fall 2010 color ‘William Tell Me About OPI’. I was always afraid to try the always popular ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ for fear that it would be too dark against my very white skin. But I was a big girl and decided to go for the new color that is just barely a hint more purple than Lincoln Park, and I’m happy to report I love it so much, I went out and bought myself a bottle.

Sharon on the left wearing ‘Yodel Me On My Cell’, me on the right in ‘William Tell Me About OPI’

3. I made a new header in honor of today, the first day of my favorite season, autumn. So happy 🙂 

4. Because it’s fall now, I can officially start hanging my Halloween and fall stuff. Picked up 3 strands of pumpkin lights the other day to hang in the front window – yet another thing added to my stash 🙂

5. I’m now within reaching distance of my next vacation day, my 33rd birthday.

6. The other day one of my agents asked me if I cook often as I was reheating some chicken and stuffing that I had made for dinner the night before. And I think I had a brief out-of-body experience because I responded with “not as often as I’d like!” Ummm, ok where did that come from? Who said that? It was Suburb Jaime, of course. She’s this really cool city girl-turned suburban chic that is really enjoying her 25 minute commute home with little traffic and doesn’t mind stopping at the grocery store so much anymore. Plus she realized quickly that unlike in the city where GrubHub would list 250 restaurants delivering to her at any given time, in the ‘burbs the only places delivering to her house at night are pizza places and they all take an hour and a half to bring food. And they’re pricey. And not as tasty as homemade. And last night Suburb Jaime made German pancakes which she hadn’t made since she was around 12 and they were oh so yummy:

7. Wallpaper Slideshow LT, my new favorite free download that lets you easily make your desktop wallpaper into a slideshow of any and all pictures you want without slowing down the performance of your computer. Now I can sit and stare at wedding pictures all day and wish I was back on the beach in St. Thomas instead of here in my cube wearing a hoodie even though it’s 85 degrees outside. I think. I haven’t actually been outside since 7:30 this morning.

8. Having a sweet as pie husband and doggies to come home to and snuggle with in a house that completely feels like home now (though I do still catch myself trying to feel for one more step that isn’t actually there when I wake up and it’s still dark out).

9. Having breakfast for dinner and knowing that someday I WILL perfect my dad’s art of making bacon.

10. Anticipation of Scott’s apple cake that he’s baking for me for the first time tonight.

Can you tell I’m hungry? 3 of my 10 faaa vorrite th ings today are food. Uggghhhh, dddrroooling     on tthe k eyyboarrrd  mmmm ake s thhhe kkkkkeys    not    worrrrrrkk so o o ggooodd.. . ..



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3 responses to “raindrops on roses and all that

  1. I’m seriously going to be attempting mini german pancakes soon. I’m curious as to what I can do with them…

  2. Ooh, I don’t know what german pancakes are – now I have to go look them up, because they look tasty and I’m all about breakfast for dinner! Also I really really like that nail polish color, yay for having your pretty shiny ring back, and congrats to Sharon! So many excellent things in this post…

  3. Jane

    Way to make me hungry. Never eaten apple cake. Sounds amazing. I will find a recipe!!!

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