I truly belive that the sense of smell can drive a person to pure primal bliss. I’ve always had a crazy sensitive sense of smell and this weekend was no exception. With fall breezes in the air making me giddy, here are a few of my favorite smells as of late:

1) The earthy smell of dry leaves, damp dirt, and the early evening wood-burning smoke coming from neighborhood chimneys is bringing out my yearning to hibernate under a warm blanket with two little furry pups curled up on either side of me, despite the fact that it was 80 degrees out this weekend.

2) The Febreze room spray I found at Target this weekend that smells like melted butter mixed with a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon.

3) The pumpkin candle I found at Joann Fabrics (2 for $8) a few weeks back. The scent in the air from the melting wax when it’s lit wick is flickering in the dark makes me wish I could eat the air.

4) The smell of Hazy’s paws after she’s been laying in the backyard in the grass. Strange to some I’m sure, but it reminds me of the smell of a familiar old pilled stuffed animal that brings comfort the second it’s snuggled.

5) Scott’s cologne.

(sidenote – I always think it’s funny when a model is picked for a cologne/perfume ad. Is a person supposed to look at the ad and think, “I wanna smell just like that person looks”? I can tell ya that Scott does not smell like aerosol spray tan in a can, man matte lip gloss, and baby oil. I think Giorgio needs a new man model.)

6) Another Febreze limited edition product I found at Target, the Pumpkin Harvest and Fall Duo plug-in that’s making my basement smell like someone baked fresh fall pies down there and left them on the window sill to cool.

7) POM Blueberry. While I love the original POM, I can’t get enough of the blueberry version and just inhaling the smell of thousands of blueberries squeezed into a bottle is enough to make me think of summer when I was little – running through the sprinkler in the backyard, eating snow cones and chocolate chip cookies at day camp, and warming my bare feet in the sun on the hot driveway. Funny, now that it’s fall, I’m thinking of summer.

8.) The sweetness of warm fall breezes coming through open windows in the living room.

9) The scent of Dunkin Donuts iced pumpkin coffee swimming in cream and sugar.

10) My sister’s new car that smells like a clean hotel room, a smoking room – the scent of clean sheets and freshly vacuumed carpet mixed with the faint smell of cigarettes. Admiring her new car last night triggered vivid memories in my mind of the Wyndham Sugar Bay where we had our wedding 6 months ago.

Now it’s your turn…autumn or otherwise, I’d love to hear some of your favorite scents…



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3 responses to “smells

  1. Jane

    It might sound gross, but I like the was my boyfriend smells after we get out of PT. I like the way the smell of sweat, fresh grass, and his cologne smell all mixed together.

    I also like the way my house smells after I bake cookies, and the way my bathroom smells after a hot shower and my Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash is glued to the air. (If it tells you how much I like my body wash, I actually go to every 3 for 20 sale at Bath and Body works, just so I can stock up on it. I have six bottles at the moment, enough to last me until I graduate in 2012.)

    I like the way my friend, Mae’s, car smells. It smells like Mt. Dew and fried cherry pies. It sounds funky, but it smells amazing.

    I like the way the air smells when it rains.

    My absolute favorite, though, is the way my pillows smell after my boyfriend is over here for a day.

  2. bohemianbailie

    I love they way onion and garlic and butter smell in the pan, it makes me feel like I am on the road to great wifedom even if dinner does not come out great. I love way my deodorant smells because I just bought the one I had when I was in Sweden for summer.

  3. moodychick

    A walk through the rainforest after it rains. Turkey dinner cooking (we just had our Thanksgiving.) New baby deliciousness. Steamy hot espresso… I could go on and on 🙂

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