I’m feeling extremely lucky today, lucky to able to escape my sterile building where I’m surrounded by sharp angles and long hallways and glass doors and beige wallpaper to this:

This is where I spend my lunch hour – I took this picture today in between bites of my pb sandwich when Bambi decided to take a little stroll out from under the canopy of trees to see what was on the menu. I mentioned the forest preserve before in this post when I told you all about the creepy creepers that go there for a nooner, but today’s lunch break reminded me why I keep going back. This morning I forgot my book that I’m reading under my box of Corn Flakes, both sitting on my kitchen counter next to the door, right where I placed them last night to be sure I wouldn’t forget them (ha!). So instead I enjoyed my lunch in the car sans book, windows rolled down, and aside from the random driver cruising through with their radio blaring some very un-forest preservy music, it was unbelievably peaceful. I think Scott wonders sometimes how I’m so calm and happy at the end of most work days, no matter if they were good or bad, or ridiculously tiring and taxing. I owe a lot of my peace to my hour away where I can just sit and take all this beauty in.

Do you have a favorite spot you go to just unwind? (And thank you to those that shared your favorite scents, I loved them all! Seriously, comments are like crack to me, I can’t get enough of them.)



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4 responses to “peace

  1. So, so gorgeous! I miss seeing the leaves change, we really don’t get to see much of that here in Cali. I would be spending my lunches there too!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m so jealous. It’s fricking 95 degrees here today in the San Francisco area (seriously, what the heck) and I have been craving fall like no one’s business. That’s so gorgeous!

  3. Jane

    My leaves don’t really change color– in Texas, they just seem to be green and living one day, and then, in the beginning of November, the leaves are just….gone.

    Anyway, my getaway from everything is actually at my school– I hang out in the outer office of the ROTC hall a lot, and in the classroom, and when Colonel lets me, I hang out in the armory with all the weapons and wall lockers. Ah, the sweet smell of dry-clean only uniforms and the American flag….

  4. ((((swwooooooonnn)))) Those colors, Bambi, the apple green lawn blanketed with leaves…Its like enjoying a hot stone massage – This IS fall peace at its best! I am glad you can keep to your 1 hour, I might be late getting back to work everyday, LOL Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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