boss’s day – the conclusion

7:30 yesterday morning, he stepped off the elevator and headed for the side door like he does every morning, and I headed the other way to catch him at the pass….

Phew, I still have a job! The best was his reaction when he actually walked into his office and realized it wasn’t just the window.

It was awesome.



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4 responses to “boss’s day – the conclusion

  1. Oh my gosh, the post it prank was awesome! I am in awe of all the post its – how many pads did it take up!?!?!

  2. Jane

    Katie’s response has inspired me to cover my neighbors’s trees with feminine items. Well, you know know that my mind is in the gutter….

  3. I keep clicking back here to read this again! Something about it makes me laugh EVERY time. Maybe it’s the ‘heh … is this happening? JUST SMILE AND GO WITH IT’ expression on his face. Haha. He seems like an awesome boss!

  4. This is the best prank I have seen in a while. I love it. Glad to hear he took it well. How wonderful to have a boss that can take a joke.

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