weekend happenings

Went up north yesterday to see this little guy:

…Sharon, Mike and Owen are all doing great, and Mike was willing to put his baby’s life in my hands while he taught me how to swaddle, a technique I’m sure will come in handy some day considering he fell asleep all wrapped up like a burrito and slept for a few hours (Owen, not Mike).

We also watched a video they had called “The Happiest Baby on the Block” (you know you’re old when you go to your best friend’s house and you watch videos on how to soothe a baby). I found the video pretty amazing if the Dr.’s “5 S’s” actually work in real life; the only one I had a problem with was “shushing” where he literally put his mouth up to the baby’s ear and shhhhhhhhhhhhed at full volume. Uh, wouldn’t baby’s new ears be kinda sensitive to take that loud of a noise? Just my thought, and I’d be curious to hear if any of you agree or disagree.

Oh, and Sharon and I had a nice hair day, taking care of each other’s awful awful roots. Seriously, it had been since before my wedding when we did ours last… 7 months = 3 1/2″ of outgrowth = a ridiculous head of hair. Every time I get my hair done I wonder why I waited so long. There’s no excuse when you’re a stylist, your sister is a stylist, your best friend is a stylist, and you know dozens of other stylists that would be happy to help make you look presentable. But it’s done, I’m happy, and I figure at this rate I’m good until next May!



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2 responses to “weekend happenings

  1. Jane

    So, are you pregnant yet? Or are you waiting? It seems like everything about your past few blog entries has dripped ‘babies. Millions and billions of them.’

    • Haha, well we all know I love me some millions and billions of babies, for now I’m just trying to be a good auntie and getting in some good practice before it’s my turn 🙂

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