4 weeks

Wow am I happy I wrote everything down in blind anticipation of what could be! We can just chalk it up to pregger-blogger intuition since I’ve never actually done that before. See? I’m always thinking of you guys first 🙂 So here’s what happy week 4 brought me (fyi, we’re in week 11 as of right now):

So after raising an eyebrow at little things going on during week 3, week 4 began with sore boobies which was really nothing out of the ordinary for me, my PMS symptoms seem to cycle. 1 month I’ll be burning a hole through my skin with my heating pad over really bad cramps, another it’ll be a shitty mood usually taken out on poor, sweet Scott who never deserves it but deflects it like Superman, and the next might be sore boobies while I shove an entire box of Oreos in my mouth – so when I woke up with a little boob ache, I tried not to get my hopes up. The next morning though, I think I may have screamed something along the lines of, “sweet baby Jesus, someone punched me in the boobs!” when I woke up. Oh they hurt bad…like worse than they ever had. This was the day I went to see Sharon and Mike and meet little baby Owen for the first time…

…and I remember saying something to Sharon about how my girlies were way more sore than they had ever been. Ever. At this point, I was getting little twinges of pain in my lower tum and I noticed myself getting out of breath once in a while after doing nothing. That was new. I had random little cramps throughout the next few days, but they weren’t quite the same as pre-period cramps, more like a dull ache with little ouchy twinges that would make me stop and go, “hmmmm”. There was definitely something going on and I was anxiously awaiting Thursday, the day I should have been getting my period.

I was no dummy though, I had done this song and dance before. The previous few months I had spent the 2 week wait noticing things that I never noticed before and convincing myself that it was baby Straus kicking my ass when in actuality, it was just PMS.

When Wednesday came I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a Dollar Tree test, of which I had 5 under my sink. I mean, really, if it was too early, I only peed on one dollar, right? So I followed the instructions then waited. And after a few minutes I swore I saw two lines. Two lines! But really, I also knew I could have completely been imagining it because what I saw as the second line was the faintest of faint and I really wasn’t sure if I was just seeing something I wanted to see that wasn’t really there.

See? At first glance it’s like, um, yeah, crazy girl? Hi, there’s only one line. But seriously, do what I did and stare at that control window. Right next to the big fat T. Go on, really stare and burn a hole in it with your eyeballs. I’ll give you a minute…

Do you see it? You know you totally see a second line.

For the rest of the day I Googled everything I could on “Dollar Tree pregnancy test faint line”. I looked at images, I read forums, and I concluded from everything that I read that if there’s a line, no matter how faint and as long as it showed up within the first 3 minutes, then it was a positive. I was hoping, but I still wasn’t convinced. I even opened the above pics in Photoshop and played with the color balances and highlights and shadows to see if anything showed up more obvious. Of course it worked, but only if I actually made it do so. Um, I guess that’s kind of cheating. Hmph.

I sent the (undoctored) picture to Sharon to see if she saw what I was seeing. I believe her response was, “you should take a digital test, they’re a lot more sensitive,” which I took to mean, “I don’t see anything, but I know what you’re going through and you just never know, so I’m not gonna say no for sure because that’s what best friends do for each other.” Ah, I love that girl for a reason.

I did have a Clear Blue digital test sitting amongst my stash of Dollar Tree tests but I didn’t want to use it when I was testing a day earlier than I should have just because I was in ‘I’m normally really patient but just can’t wait’ mode. Those digital puppies are expensive so I decided to save it for Thursday morning’s moment of truth…

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6 responses to “4 weeks

  1. So exciting! I thought for sure I was seeing things when I first saw that faintest of faint lines too 🙂

  2. Aww! So exciting! Maybe I’m crazy too, but I totally see the faint, faint line by the T!

  3. Jane

    Maybe my eyesights bad, maybe I’m unobservant. But I can’t see that second line. But we all know what’s coming. I’m excited for the next post. Could you be nice to me, Mrs. Nachos, and do one, just ONE weekend post? Even though I’m pretty sure about what the next one will be about, (I’m having fun trying to predict your next pregnancy posts), I just can’t freaking wait!


    And I’m just really curious.

  4. haha I love that you have a ‘ridiculous’ tag – you crack me up 🙂 we TTC for 2 months awhile ago (it’s a long story), and I did THIS EXACT THING, including inverting the images trying to see another line! I am so excited to see the next post 🙂

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