5 weeks

First of all, Jane, I’m hoping you survived the wait 🙂

Second of all, we have a lot of catching up to do! Onward to week 5:

After pretty much convincing myself that I had been seeing things on Wednesday morning’s test, Thursday’s would prove to be the moment of truth since it was officially the day I should have been getting my visit from the period fairy. I woke up, kissed Scott goodbye as he left for work, then took another Dollar Tree pregnancy test, and we all know the story from the day before, the same thing happened again – there was the faintest little pink line, although I swore it was a teeny bit more visible than the line I was sure I imagined from the day before. I decided to use the coveted Clear Blue expensive digital that I had stashed away in the back of the bathroom cabinet. Luckily the Dollar Tree brand is not of the variety that you pee on, you have to actually pee in a cup, which leaves you with a surplus of your own urine for test number two. Who would have thought a surplus of my own urine would ever come in handy? 😉 So I dipped, I recapped, I placed it on the sink, and I sat nervously kicking my foot for a good 2 minutes watching a little digital hourglass go round and round the screen while the test was thinking. Then… all of a sudden… BAM!

There was no doubting the results of this one! It was like it jumped off the sink and sucked the breath right out of me and I had a little panic attack right there and then…I’ve never seen a positive pregnancy test in person before, let alone my own! My heart started pounding in my chest, I started jumping up and down, and I’m pretty sure since they were the only ones around, I told the doggies over and over that I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!! Holy crap, it was such an awesome, crazy moment.

Now of course months ago, the thought of telling Scott the news when it happened with one of these shirts just seemed perfect:

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

And to anyone that can actually hold out and plan a nice surprise for your hubby with this news, I give you so much credit, you have no idea.

Literally seconds after the result showed up I texted Scott a picture of the test. Yep, a text. I know, I know, but I did it and it’s done and I can’t do it over. He was in his car, probably just getting on the highway at this point, and the adrenaline pumping through me caused visions of Scott checking his phone and bursting into song out his window to the people driving around him about how his wonderful wife is carrying his wonderful baby and the world is such a wonderful place. So I gave him time to finish singing and call me. I waited. And I waited. Aaaaaand… no response. Clearly he hadn’t gotten the text. So while hyperventilating, I called him, asked if he crashed (no, why?), I told him the news and I jumped up and down over and over during the entire phone call.

And with pride in his voice he said something or other about his super sperm.

I called the doctor to find out what was next and the receptionist told me to come in for a blood test, so I went the following Monday (my birthday) to get the blood test to confirm. And as of Wed (when I originally wrote this post), I was still waiting to hear from them although I was pretty sure I knew what they were gonna say 🙂 I was also told that when they called, I’d be setting up my first appointment for the 8-10 week visit.

Sunday night, Scott and I decided to tell our families. We were heading out to Benihana for my birthday dinner with my parents, and we decided to stop at my mother-in-law’s house first. And our plan worked perfectly. Muah ha ha ha. I had made a card for both sets of parents that said this on the front:

(by the time we have ours, both sets of parents will have 2 grandchildren already), and inside was a picture of the positive test and “Baby Straus due June 9th, 2011”. And although the picture is blurry, I loved the reaction we got out of my mother-in-law…

Priceless. After picking Kathy’s jaw up off the floor, we left and met my parents at the restaurant, and proceeded to do the same with them. And once my mom opened the card, there were hugs, hugs, hugs! Needless to say, my birthday dinner conversation was unlike any I had had before – talk of names, and work plans, and house plans and future golf lessons ensued 🙂

Everyday that week I was convinced I’d get my period, and everyday it didn’t come. I had to keep reminding myself of the positive test because Aunt Flo was officially on hiatus for a while! It’s just weird, I’ve never not gotten my monthly visitor and this was all so different. Good different.

The week had been full of new things for me…little twinges of pain/dull cramps off and on, falling asleep on the couch at 7:00pm, feeling like I couldn’t drink enough water then having to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes, getting a migraine and not being able to take excederin, feeling like I was getting a bladder infection then an hour later feeling fine, not drinking alcohol on my birthday or any day for that matter, and don’t even get me started on the boobies. Woohoo!

We started taking weekly belly shots starting the 5th week but obviously there was nothing there to speak of when we took this (baby was the size of a poppy-seed). And as I’m publishing this in week 11 while I’m bloated and feeling fat and having trouble buttoning my pants, I’m actually surprised at the difference between 5 weeks and now.

Goodbye tummy, I’ll miss you.

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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11 responses to “5 weeks

  1. I am SO excited you started writing secret blog posts from week 3 and now you’re publishing them. Also I totally saw the line on the first DT test – when I squinted, and cocked my head to the side 😉 That picture of your MIL is definitely priceless. More posts, more posts, more posts – I want to get all caught up!

  2. I love it! I also could not wait to tell my husband (although I had prior plans of getting a “big brother” tshirt for the dog, it didn’t even come close to happening)! You’ll be so glad you started taking pictures early; it’s really fun to compare the later ones 🙂
    Congratulations again!

  3. Yay baby!!! I’m so, so, excited for you two!
    I think when I have to tell the Mr. we’re expecting I’ll have to have a plan all ready to go, because a text may be my only resource when I’m bursting with excitement too!

  4. Aww, I’m just so excited for you guys!! These pictures are priceless! And, I try to think about ways I would tell Sean, but I’m pretty sure I’d fail miserably at keeping it a secret.

  5. Jane

    I survived, more than barely. My two bestest friends took me out to the drive in, and one of them brought me brownies today.

    I never knew that the early stages could fatigue you so much. Of course, I’m 16, and are fortunate enough not to be a teen mom.

    In your future maternity collection, you should get sequin covered over alls. They kick ass. I had some last year when I was in welding. I think hot pink is your color……

  6. These are coming too slowly! I need more and I am just so freakin’ excited!

  7. Colleen

    Your babies due date is my Birthday!

  8. I’m all caught up – YAY – YIPPEEE – – I HEART the fact that you’ve been writing secret blog posts, you are so on top of it. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS this is super exciting and I look forward to following your tummy journey 🙂

  9. Wow, I’m really enjoying your blog, as I’m WAITING … it’s week 4 for me, and my bb’s have been sore for 10 days … intermittent but mild cramps, very hungry, peeing alot … but also feeling an elevated temperature … not sure if this is PMS or … well, I am HOPING, but I’m 42, have been pregnant twice before, only to lose it between the 5th and 6th week! But THIS time is different: I gave up coffee 3 months ago, and have been eating Chaste Tree Berries for 2 months! It’s so nice reading your blog … I was thrilled when I saw your PREGNANT photo! Oh, and I saw the faint pink line right away! I think the notification text that you sent to your hubby was very cute too! The cards for the parents was a funny idea! Thank you for sharing … it helps alleviate my symtoms of waiting! 🙂

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