6 weeks

So I’ve had something on my mind lately…I’m officially not in love with my doctor. Of course she’s perfectly capable, nice enough, but seeing her is kinda like being in a mediocre relationship – it’s the whole I love you but I’m not in love with you thing. It’s not awful, it’s… comfortable, and I’ve been with her for quite a while now, 8 years to be exact, so you know, I’ve invested, put in the time. Do I really want to walk away now and start over? To have to get to know someone new? To worry whether or not she’ll laugh at my jokes that I make when I’m uncomfortable? ‘Cause if you can’t crack a joke with your feet in stirrups, you just end up counting the holes in the styrofoam ceiling tiles, and that’s just so not fun. But then on the other hand, there’s surely someone out there that’s better suited for me, my OB soul mate, the One. Someone who’ll make me laugh and giggle at my jokes, someone who I’ll be excited to see (ok, maybe that’s going a little far). I’ll give my current doctor my first prenatal appointment and I guess I’ll decide after that. Kinda like when my old college roommate waited to see what her mediocre boyfriend gave her for her birthday before deciding if he was worth keeping around. Needless to say, a carton of Marlboros and a bottle of Jack Daniels sealed his fate pretty quickly.

And if you’re wondering, yes, he got the boot.

Anywho, I got a call back from Nurse Nancy on Wed. after calling for my test results (even though I was pretty sure they were gonna tell me I was pregnant, I wanted to hear it from someone other than a plastic stick covered in my own pee). So Nurse Nancy informed me that they had the results and would have called me but get this…they didn’t know who the results belonged to. I had changed my name with them when I went in for the blood test but something hadn’t updated yet and they didn’t put two and two together. I’d love to be a fly on that wall….”hmmmm, someone’s pregnant, I’m just…not…sure…who.”

Nurse Nancy also asked me if someone there had told me I needed a blood test. I told her that, yes, when I called last week to find out what the next step was after a positive home pregnancy test, the receptionist told me to come in for a blood test at least 3 days after my positive. Ya, turns out she should have had a nurse contact me first before making an appointment for me to come in and have a vial of blood sucked out of my arm just to confirm what I already knew. According to Nurse Nancy, pregnant is pregnant is pregnant and she and receptionist lady were going to have to have a little chat. Ah well, it was still nice confirming it, especially on my birthday. 🙂 I am officially 6 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and my first appointment will be on the 21st. Hubbies are invited to the first appointment but not really needed since it’s actually just your typical girly appointment chock full of paps and stirrups and ovary squeezing.

The doctor’s office told us we can schedule an ultrasound if we’d like to see the heartbeat, but they don’t actually do them in the office so I’ll be setting that up with radiology when I’m leaving after my appointment on the 21st. Gonna have to tell the boss that I have a follow-up after the 1st appointment…he doesn’t need details. I’m really curious to see how long I can keep this my little secret at work!

This week, I officially used my baby-cooking skills as an excuse to not do something…I backed out of the 5 mile breast cancer walk I was going to do in a few weeks. My fear isn’t actually the walk itself, it’s more having enough energy as well as the worry of being able to find a port-o-potty, pee, then make it to the next port-o-potty without peeing on myself. I foresaw myself walking 5 miles in a circle with a 50 foot radius. I don’t think that counts.

How I’m feeling:

Boobs hurty. Like, don’t even look at them or I’ll make you hurt more (although I guess it’s kinda hard to miss ’em right now, hehe).

Still a little crampy (which Nurse Nancy said is completely normal – she said it should feel like I’m getting my period everyday but it’ll never actually come), super sleepy and falling asleep on the couch by 6:30pm now, peeing like a leaky faucet (I’ve learned when at work to rotate who I forward the phones to when I’m on phone duty and have to make a mad dash to the bathroom, just so no one gets suspicious) and bloated. By the end of everyday, the scale says I’ve gained 3 pounds (this is also coming off the tail end of 8 pounds of quitting-smoking-weight-gain) but the next morning, it’s gone. Water weight perhaps? A few headaches this week but nothing I can’t handle, and no nausea to be found at this point. Hooray!! Kinda hoping that’ll be a trend for the next 34 weeks 🙂

I found this on The Bump today that made me giggle and made Scott pump his fist in the air with a triumphant helz yeah…

And the 6 week belly shot….

Oh, haha, ummmm……

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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5 responses to “6 weeks

  1. You are the funniest person ever. I really am going to like reading your blog as you go through the pregnancy, as I’m not pregnant yet and I want to know the real deal. I figure I can find it here.

  2. I love reading your updates 🙂
    Tell your hubby sorry, but that chart was wrong for me!

  3. Jane

    Wow….your dogs are bigger than they’ve looked in past pictures.

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