7 weeks

I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or the little electrical sparks being brought back to life in my brain after not having any alcohol for longer than I’ve gone in the last decade (oh wine, I miss you my friend), but lately I’ve been loving everything like a lovestruck 12-year-old. Like I look at my doggies and I want to squeeze them because they are just the cutest most precious most innocent little creatures I’ve ever seen. Or my lunch break yesterday in the forest preserve where I rolled down all of my windows and I just sat for an hour and inhaled every breeze that came through because I couldn’t get enough of the smell of dried leaves and tree bark and earthy goodness.

*sidenote* It’s funny now that I’m re-reading this almost 5 weeks after writing it because me, lover of all things October, is so sick of fall and the smell of dried leaves and the thought of anything pumpkin makes me want to gag. Pregnancy is a strange thing.

Exhaustion has taken over my life this week…a couple of nights ago I got home, I walked in the door, mumbled something about, ‘so tired, so hungry’, threw a frozen pizza in the freezer, and literally slithered up the stairs into bed where I stayed for 12 hours.

How I’m feeling: Overall, pretty awesome. Boobies are officially too big for my bras, yippee! I’ve gotten a few random headaches here and there but they tend to go away as quickly as they start. I’m hungry if I haven’t eaten in 2 hours.I’m averaging 2 bathroom breaks an hour, and I’m utterly exhausted by 11:30am. I still don’t have any nausea (you better believe I just knocked on wood). Oh, and breakfast! I heart breakfast again and I love a big bowl of Corn Flakes every morning.

And speaking of food, my baby is now the size of a blueberry!

We talked about names the other night and started making a list. Scott didn’t really have any initial favorites to throw into the mix but he did find some absolutely insane ones some iPhone app offered, half of which we couldn’t pronounce, like Sbraunfley.

Ok, fine, I just made that up.

But trust me, they were weird. We have our top boy and girl contenders for now which I’m sure will change 100 times before the baby actually comes, but it’s a start. At one point I mentioned that I like the name Anthony but not the name Tony, and I like the name Jonathan but not John or Johnny. Then I realized that I had just named the male characters from ‘Who’s the Boss’ and said that we might as well name our child Mr. Belvedere, which let’s be honest, is way better than Sbraunfley.

“Hi, this is my son, Mr. Belvedere. He’s a little big for his age.”

7 week belly shot (I managed to stay awake for this one):

Mmmm, bloat. Thank you Jesus for elastic pants.

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7 responses to “7 weeks

  1. I have the same “I love everyone/everything” too. I think my dog is cuter than usual, want to snuggle him more, etc… same with my husband. Just some cheesy overflowing preggo love thing going on?

    • Yes! It’s like everything is awesome – food tastes better, I have an overwhelming feeling of love and adoration for my husband, and my dogs could not be any cuter if they tried. It’s kinda sickening, really.

  2. You are so beautiful! Please don’t ever stop doing this. after you’re caught up in weeks, can you start doing “day 94” and the like? please? 🙂

  3. Jane

    What Kate said. Have you gotten any off-the-wall cravings yet, like potato salad and blueberry yogurt (I eat that somewhat often, though.) or mustard and ice cream?

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  6. Diaz

    As for me i cant stop throwing up i am more in the stage of get away from me, dont talk to me, and dont even look at me! 7 weeks today i hope it gets better 🙂 (fingers crossed)

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