8 weeks

I officially had my first doctors appointment this week and in a weird way, it was a lot more fun than just your typical yearly exam. Don’t get me wrong, the pap was no different, and during the breast exam I wanted to punch my doctor in the nose (’cause damn those puppies are still sore), but talking to my doctor about a due date and getting a whole grocery bag full of goodies was new. I was given a great book on pregnancy month by month, a few prenatal vitamin samples that I fully intend to keep as backup in case I run out of my Women’s One a Day prenatals (haha, 4 weeks later as I’m publishing this, I’ve already taken all of them ’cause I was too tired to go buy more), a work order to schedule my first ultrasound (found out radiology has weekend hours, yippee!!), and 51421485 pamphlets about what OTC medicine I can and can’t take, prenatal classes, exercise, etc.

Oh ya, my doc asked if I work out.

Uh, clearly we have a lot of getting to know you time to schedule in. And she said that because I’m not an avid worker-outter (slight understatement), now is not the time to start. Double yippee!! Also new? Getting 5 vials of blood drawn and getting a flu shot at the gyne. Oh, and signing something saying they are allowed to test my blood for HIV. Then it was my turn to ask questions (and obviously different doctors may answer differently but this is what I was told)…

  • Can I drink coffee? Answer: Yes! (just no decaf because of all the chemicals it’s treated with. Yeah, that won’t be a problem. Decaf to me is like non-alcoholic beer….)
  • Do I really have to microwave lunch meat? Answer: No, just make sure it’s packaged like those new Oscar Meyer deli meat container thingies, or it’s coming from somewhere like Jimmy Johns where the meat has a high turnover rate. I can do that!
  • Is it ok that I haven’t been nauseous at all? Answer: Yes, but it’s probably coming. According to my doc, most women start to feel it around week 8, peak at week 12, and find themselves feeling much better by week 16… and 25% of women don’t get sick at all. Um, that’s a lot of women. It’s better than, say, 3%, right? I’d say the odds are looking pretty good to me right now.
  • When will my next appointment be? 4 weeks from now (woohoo, as I’m publishing this, my appointment is today), then every 3 weeks in the 2nd trimester, then every week in the 3rd. I think my doctor and I will be getting to know each other very well.
  • Will you (my doctor) be delivering my baby? Answer: Maybe. The office I go to is a 4 doctor practice and it all depends on who’s on call that day. So from now until then I’ll have appointments with all 4 doctors so I can get to know and love every single one of them.

How I’m feeling: Pooping is becoming a little unpredictable. I know this may be too much information for some but honesty is the best policy and again, I know you all poop because the book told me so. I used to be like clockwork…wake up, poop, smile, and go on my merry way. For the last week, it’s been a little, well, delayed, and I’m never quite sure when it’s gonna happen. Oh, and I had a scary thought yesterday at lunch that stopped me in my tracks – I got the chili. I was scheduled to have my doctor appointment 2 hours later. Luckily about 1/3 of the way into my bowl of chili I realized that tooting on my doc might not be the best way to start off this pregnant relationship with the woman I may be pooping on in about 7 months. The pee frequency is getting a bit ridiculous and it’s scary knowing that it’s only gonna get worse. Seriously, I’ll pee then I’ll be fine for oh, 45 mins or so. Then I have to pee again. But it’s not just a, “huh, gotta pee…again,” it’s more of a, “I’m fine. Still good. I’m…HOLY CRAP I AM GOING TO PEE IN MY PANTS AND I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN UNBUTTON THEM BEFORE I PEE ALL OVER MYSELF,” kinda thing.

The best part of this week was my first ultrasound which was just amazing. When I called to schedule the appointment though they told me that I had to drink 32oz of water between 8:00-9:00 so I’d have a full bladder for the procedure. I repeat, that’s 2 full bottles of water in my bladder, then I have to lay down and let someone push something around on my stomach without peeing on the bed? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

So Saturday morning I got up, showered (which is quite rare for a Saturday, let alone a Saturday morning before noon), drank a cup of coffee and ONE bottle of water cause there was no way I was fitting 2 bottles in my bladder at once, and Scott and I hit the road for the hospital for our first ultrasound. I have to say, I’m a big fan of early weekend mornings there, it was so quiet and there was no wait to see the radiology tech. So I put on a pretty little gown and Scott and I were brought to our room where we got to see our little peanut on the screen along with a little flickering of a heartbeat. Coolest thing ever. If it’s arms were long enough you’d see that it’s waving to you all….everyone say, ‘hi peanut’!

I was warned ahead of time by Sharon, but for those of you that may not be aware, the first ultrasound consisted of both an external and internal ultrasound. The external was first because they need that full bladder for the waves to travel through. And then I wanted to kiss the tech when she told me I could use the little girl’s room cause seriously, you tell a pregnant lady she can’t pee, you lucky if you don’t get punched. Then it was time for the internal which wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences but honestly it was better than your typical pap smear. And seeing that heartbeat flicker flicker flicker on that screen and seeing Scott’s face get all smiley was just about the greatest thing ever.

Oh, and hearing the tech say to me, ‘wow, your bladder is already filling up again, you poor thing!’ made me really happy that I didn’t drink the 2 full bottles of water they told me to.

I am just so in awe of this whole my body can create and nurture a life thing and knowing I have a little baby the size of a raspberry growing in me with fingers and toes and a beating heart is beyond the coolest thing I’ve ever known. Seriously, I have waited for this my entire life and I’m just so…


What rhymes with bloat?

…gravy-boat, ice-cream-float, chocolate-covered-strawberry-compote, and happily-shoving-sweet-cravings-down-my-throat.

That’s what. 😉

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11 responses to “8 weeks

  1. sassandpancakes

    So exciting, Nachos!! And you make me LOL too.

  2. yay! we’re so excited along with you. just don’t go punching people.

  3. Joe

    Is that a treadmill ?….

  4. Congratulations! Excited to follow u along ur preggo journey =)

  5. Jane

    I just got home, and right as I walked in the door, I just ran to my comp so I could read your post. I have forgone dinner so that I could read this post.

    I never knew the myth about the lunch meat……

    I also never knew that the pee schedule was that horrible……. does your bladder hate you even in your sleep?

  6. Aww, Jaime, this post was super sweet, even with all the punch and pee talk, hearing about you and Scott when you saw the US is awesome.

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    ah, I’m a moron and I like to spam

  8. frostwire download sucks

    I am an idiot and like to publish spam comments on people’s posts like this: one can argue that it can go both ways. Doesn’t make any sense now, does it? Too bad the author of this post deleted my link so I won’t get any traffic from her site because she is a genius.

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