9 weeks

Moving right along, I’m now officially in my third month, my ninth week, my last month of my first trimester, and so help me I’m getting a tummy already! Ok, I know that I’m not actually showing baby per se, but regardless, whatever this is that I’m developing I can no longer suck it in. Aside from having to be really picky about what to wear to work, it’s all good and I have to say I’m really enjoying eating breakfast again – I didn’t realize how much I missed it (although I’ll admit that’s not all I was eating). The last few weeks I kinda went a little crazy with portion-control, or I should say portion-out-of-control, so I’m trying to be a little bit better as of right now. We’ll see how long that lasts (hehe, 3 weeks later as I’m publishing this, I can tell you that lasted all of 5 minutes).

Lately I’ve been working on perfecting the art of working with my eyes closed. It’s going pretty well but I still have some tweaking to do, like learning how to read emails through my eyelids. I’ve got the typing down pat, but the whole picking the right bathroom key out of a bowl thing is proving harder than I thought.

And the more I think about this whole thing, the more I’m blown away by the fact that a little teeny baby with fingers and toes who is now the size of a grape (hi little grapey!) is with me no matter where I am – I’m never alone which is just crazy and so cool. And from what I’ve read, baby no longer has a tail (yea!) and baby’s fingers and toes aren’t webbed anymore (double yea!).

This week, Scott and I started throwing around the idea of not finding out the sex (oh boy do I have a story for you in week 11, just you wait). I know I can wait and I think of how much fun it’d be when the baby arrives and the doctor says, “it’s a girl!” (hehe). And I have no worries about what color to paint the nursery without knowing the gender because no matter what, I’m NOT painting the disco room pink again, and we already have 2 blue rooms so that’s pretty much out, too. My only internal debate is that I wonder if I’d somehow feel more bonded before baby is born if I knew this little person as well as possible. Like let’s say I’m getting into the elevator at work and some a-hole pushes me out of the way to get on first…I can whisper to baby girl that that is the kind of jerk she should avoid and if she ever brings home a guy like that, I’m not making him dinner. Or if a gentleman lets me jump in line ahead of him at the grocery store, I can whisper to baby boy that he should be taking notes because he’s gonna be the sweetest, most polite little boy this mama could hope for. I don’t know, I guess I could go either way on knowing or not, but we have until January to choose if we want to find out.

New things this week: I’ve been hiccuping. Not like the once every few seconds kind of hiccups but more like one random really loud hiccup that completely sneaks up on you and echoes through the house. I’ve also been having some crazy vivid dreams of random people in my life – the other day it was my friend, Derek who I haven’t seen in 5 years, and I met him in a store after playing some basketball with my friends (we all know that was a dream), last night it was about one of my agents buying me a pilgrim-like dress for a 4th of July party, then I was with my mom and my sister and they made me cry. It was one of those where I actually woke up crying. Ridiculous. And to think I just stopped having the crazy wedding dreams 6 months ago.

Belly shot at week 9:

I feel kinda silly publishing these for you this early, it’s like I’m all, “this week I had Taco Bell 3 times, any chocolate I could get my hands on, and 2 sandwiches for lunch on this day alone. And on top of that, I’m retaining 4 pounds of water. Look at my belly!” But hey, the tummy had to start somewhere and we started taking these from the beginning so if I have to look at them, you get to, too 🙂

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4 responses to “9 weeks

  1. Jane

    Wow. I have some crazy dreams as it is– I wonder how crazy my dreams would get if I were pregnant. But I don’t plan on finding that our intul about 20 years from now. 16 is not a good age to be pregnant.

  2. amg

    You look so cute! 🙂 I have super weird dreams already, so I’m scared to see what they’ll be when I get pregnant!

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