10 weeks

This week hasn’t been too terribly interesting in that not a whole lot has happened. I literally did nothing this past weekend except watch movies, eat and sleep, and I swear I don’t look or feel pregnant anymore. Enter of course slight paranoia that the baby is no longer there, I’ve been eating like a horse for no good reason, and all that baby furniture is gonna sit in our nursery untouched for years to come. Yep, I said baby furniture! Scott’s brother has 2 kids and an attic full of stuff for us, so last weekend we came home with a changing table and a rocker that I reupholstered the next day, and yesterday Scott picked up the crib. We prepared ourselves to put the thing together – Scott grabbed a beer, I grabbed my pj pants and a bottle of water and a bag of pretzels and a chicken pot pie and some donut munchkins, and we started reading the instructions on how to put this bad boy together.

Step 1: attach stabilizer rods to head and foot boards.

Stabilizer rods? Haha, they’re still at Scott’s brother’s house. The crib will have to wait – it’s not like we don’t have 6 months to do it. So in the meantime, I went on Basset Furniture’s Room Planner and played around with different configurations for the room which was kinda fun. I’m also picturing a baby version of the photo wall I created in our living room. Biggest question at this point is to paint or not to paint.

How I’m feeling: the specific food cravings are getting humorous. Scott has discovered that if he mentions any kind of food at all, I will want it at some point that day. Last week it was buffalo chicken nachos from Vines and since we don’t live in the city anymore 😦 , I improvised and made my own version which totally satisfied my craving for the time being. Friday it was coconut shrimp and the best Scott could find was a shrimp basket from a place called Booby’s. It did the job. I was watching Man vs. Food yesterday and started craving 5 pounds of hot dogs covered in chili, cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, and fries but settled for nachos and cheese. And Saturday morning it was Dunkin Donuts munchkins. For lunch I’m not sure if I saw a commercial for it or something, but my craving was frozen pizza, cheese only, lightly browned in the oven, and it had to be thin crust, Tombstone preferably. Oh my poor awesome sweet I-don’t-know-what-I’d-do-without-him Scott, he’s at the point where he just shakes his head and laughs.

Tomorrow I plan to tell work…we’re having a staff lunch outing at a Mexican restaurant (and oh what I wouldn’t give for a margarita, extra-large, on the rocks in a nice salted glass rim) and I think I’m gonna just gonna blurt out something like, “so you know how Mariah is pregnant? Yeah, so am I.” You know, like a quick smack on the ass where it may take them a second or 2 to figure out what just happened, then they giggle. At least that’s what happens in my head. I figure I’m almost at 11 weeks which some may consider early, but my fear is my tummy giving me away sooner. Between quitting smoking 6 months ago and gaining 8 lbs from that, then add another 5-7 lbs from 10 weeks of baby cooking, I don’t think I can hide it much longer. And it’s exhausting trying to suck it in every time Amy or Lance walks by! Oh, and I’ve been waiting for the day one of them actually notices that, why yes, I am wearing all black for the 25th day in a row. Anywho, I hope they’ll be happy to have an office baby on the way, but I still get minor heart palpitations every time I actually picture the scenario playing out in my head.

Belly shot at 10 weeks:

It’s funny, you can actually watch my nail polish wearing away week by week 🙂

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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7 responses to “10 weeks

  1. Jane

    Poor, poor Scott. Do you have horrible mood swings that go off like a nuclear bomb.

  2. You still look so skinny! I can’t really see any pregnancy … guess you’ll be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t show until your 4 or 5 months along! No morning sickness either! Very kool! Being pregnant sounds fun (eat, sleep and watch movies)!

  3. You still look so skinny! Guess you’ll be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t show until your 4+ months along! No morning sickness either! Being pregnant sounds fun (eat, sleep and watch movies)!

  4. I went through the same paranoia at about the same time- so funny 🙂

    Post pics of your nursery stuff!

  5. I’m loving getting all your weekly updates in quick succession, you’re spoiling me for when you get all caught up though!

    And your food cravings are cracking me up!

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