11 weeks

Holy moly, one more post after this and we’re all caught up! And this one’s a biggie……

So I did it, I told work the news at lunch yesterday. I kept waiting for the perfect moment which you know never ever comes if you’re actually waiting for one. So when our food arrived at the table, I decided it was now or never and I think I blurted out something like, “so, um, hehe, before we all start eating, I have some news,” and I honestly think I stopped there and just looked around and smiled like a big dork. Seriously, like I didn’t actually tell them, I waited for them to figure it out. I really don’t do well under pressure, people! Needless to say they figured it out and the rest of lunch was fun, although I think Lance was a little stunned cause he didn’t say a word for the next 20 minutes. I think he’s afraid that once I go on maternity leave, he’ll never see me again, but unless a small miracle happens, the mortgage isn’t going to pay for itself. Anywho, once I told Amy, Lance and Greg, the cat was out of the bag and I was free to tell the rest of the world. Finally! At first telling people was a little awkward. I wasn’t sure exactly how to bring it up in conversation so a few times I just ended up kinda opening my mouth and out it came and I’d then wait as the look of surprise took over the person’s face as what I had just said actually registered. But after a few of those weird announcements, I started to get into the groove and found out that telling people is actually a lot of fun!

I realized yesterday though that I have officially opened myself up to unsolicited advice which by now you should all know I loathe. Lots of, “get your rest now because you won’t be sleeping for the next 18 years,” as if I can bank the hours now to keep myself from getting exhausted 7 months from now. I also got a, “just wait, the first 3 months are just plain awful.” Well, gee, way to add to my excitement, a-hole. Sorry you hated having an infant, if only everyone could be so lucky.

Even though this has only just begun, the best so far happened just yesterday. Talking to one of the guys at work who has 2 kids of his own, we were talking about my due date and I said something along the lines of, “ah, I hope the baby comes early rather than late,” meaning around the due date once it’s safe for baby to come at anytime, if given a choice which obviously I won’t be, I’d prefer to have baby come say the week before my due date rather than 2 weeks after like my mom had to endure when preggers with me. Oh boy did I get an earful from him for that one!

“Oh, no, you do NOT want the baby to come early. I know a family that has 3 kids, one single and a set of twins. The single was a preemie and has MS. Upon first glance, you’d think the kid was just kinda quirky, but after a little while you realize that this kid has no control over what you first deemed as quirks. Oh and the twins, the twins were also early, and one has twitches and convulsions and the other has severe mental retardation. And it’s unbelievable what the parents go through on a daily basis just trying to take care of these children. So while it may be more comfortable for you to have this baby early, it’s way more comfortable for the baby if you have it later. Really, DO NOT HAVE IT EARLY. TRUST ME.”


Come on now, I didn’t mean I want my baby to be premature! And seriously, do I really get any kind of say in whether I have the baby early or late? Not last I checked. So buddy, while I truly forever greatly feel for your friend, it’s not really up to me when baby decides to grace us with his/her presence. And really, why did you think it was a good idea to spew all over a first-time pregnant woman the horrors of preterm labor and mentally handicapped children?

What is wrong with people??

On a happier note, I’m feeling absolutely fantastic this week so far. Carrying over from last week, I still seriously do not feel pregnant anymore. I looked at Scott at one point and asked, “what if the baby is just gone? Like my body absorbed it and it’s just not there anymore?” because I seriously feel normally unpregnant. Although the cravings are keeping me well aware of my present state – yesterday I was craving soy sauce, and the day before was cocktail sauce. Today it’s peanut butter.

And on a different note, last week I decided it would be a great idea to start taking prenatal yoga classes, so I looked and found a place not far from home that has a class every Sunday around noon. Perfect! And now, a week later, I’ve lost it. Yoga on a Saturday? Bahahahaha, we all know that’s not gonna happen! Here’s my thought: I’m feeling great now so why fix it if it ain’t broke? I really just foresee this whole starting yoga thing becoming a disaster – picture it – I breathe and stretch and stretch and breathe and I end up sore and hobbling around for a week until I do it all over again.

So for now I have officially replaced the word ‘yoga’ in my vocabulary with ‘ice cream’.

I decided today after work I’m stopping at Target or Old Navy and I’m picking up some shirts in bigger sizes. It’s official, most of my shirts are too small and show belly if I just barely raise my arms which I think is partially due to the fact that I have a couple of big round things sitting on my chest that are holding my shirts up a little higher than I’m used to. I’m kinda in a weird in between stage right now where my middle is definitely getting puffy but I don’t think my body is quite ready for maternity gear, so I’m thinking I can try regular clothes, just a size up. I never ever thought I’d enjoy gaining weight but I’m totally rolling with it and loving these curves that I’ve never had.

And the craziest of all this week:

My doctor appointment was this week and while it was after work for me, Scott wasn’t able to make it. From what I had read, I was expecting to pee in a cup, weigh in, have my blood pressure checked, maybe get blood drawn and hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I’ve heard baby heartbeats coming from other rooms during my regular check-ups and now I wanted hear my baby’s! I had brought my camera with me to record the sound for Scott and the doc was totally fine with me recording. So after my weigh in (up to 126 lbs – that’s 10 lbs already!) and blood pressure check (perfectly normal), I laid down and the doc put the little microphone-looking thingy on my tum and turned up the speaker while I had the camera all ready. And all we heard was static. She moved around all over my stomach, slowly, pausing once in a while, then moving on, and for 10 minutes I laid there praying over and over, “please please please, find the heartbeat, please find it, please find it.”

It was the longest 10 minutes of my entire life.

My heart sunk to the floor, and even though I was calm on the outside, I was panicking so bad on the inside, I don’t think I breathed once. After what seemed like an eternity, my doctor gave up and called down to radiology to see if they could fit me in for a last-minute ultrasound. She looked at me and said, “one way or another, you’re either going to hear or see this baby tonight!” Luckily they squeezed me in so I called Scott who was awesome and so reassuring while I walked as fast as I could to radiology and got all gowned up. The tech was awesome, chatting away like an old friend, and the second she put that thing on my stomach, there was my baby on the screen, flailing about like a freaking jumping bean! The baby was kicking, punching, jumping and doing somersaults and it blows my mind that something is moving around that much in me and I don’t feel it!! It was no wonder why the doc couldn’t find the heartbeat after seeing that. At my first ultrasound, the tech had the screen pointed towards her the entire time so all I got to see was the flicker of the heartbeat when she turned it toward me. This time though, I got to watch the screen the entire time and it was seriously the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. At one point, baby turned toward the screen and stuck it’s hand up, like it was waving hello and telling me that he/she is doing just fine in there. I so wish Scott could have been there for it all.

So the tech is moving around for different views, and all of a sudden, she says, “so do you want to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”


My response was, “you can do that this early???” She said she could try, that yes it’s early but it is possible. So yeah, that talk Scott and I had a couple of weeks ago about not finding out the sex? Totally out the window the second she asked. She looked around for a few seconds and then declared she saw….


She said not to go painting the nursery just yet, but she also said she’s never ever been wrong. Between that and seeing what she pointed to as being the little boy bits with my own 2 eyes, I’m guessing she’s on to something 🙂 We shall be confirming in January. (edit: so here I am revisiting this post 4 months post baby, and yeah, she was very very wrong…baby is very much a girl 🙂 ). Everyone say hi little bean!

11 week belly shot:

Ah, baby bumps are fun:)

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27 responses to “11 weeks

  1. So fun!

    Have you tried a bella band for getting through that awkward stage between normal and maternity clothes? It worked for me.

    YAY for a boy!

  2. Colleen

    I don’t know where you’ve gained your weight but I don’t even want to know how much weight I will gain when i’m preggers :S

  3. Jane

    Noticably bigger bump this time. I still think you need to get sequined overalls…..just cause they’re oh-so-shiny!

  4. Yay, a boy! Congratulations! 🙂 Also, I was going to suggest a bella band — my sister used one during her pregnancy and she swore by it. Doesn’t help for shirts creeping up, but it will help for pants. Good luck!

    • I’ll have to try this bella band thing out soon, for now I’ve rigged up a rubber band around the pants button that bought me an extra inch. It’s really not cute but it’s working!

  5. I am having so much fun following your daily/weekly posts. Thanks for sharing them! And congratulations! No unsolicited advice from over here… for now 🙂

  6. Aimee Donovan

    First off, Congratulations!!! While the first 3 months can be the hard, I would never ever describe it as, “plain awful” or as we heard it described, “hell”. It goes by so quickly and is just incredible. Henry is only 6 months yet I look at photos of him when he was first born and tear up at how small he was.

    Enjoy every moment (which I’m sure you will); it is truly the best thing in the world!

  7. Yaaaaay a boy (probably)!! Congratulations! This week I see the beginnings of a baby bump – and new nail polish 😉 Love these weekly updates… I’ll be a little sad when they’re actually weekly and we have to wait, ha 😀

    • Good eye, good eye! Yep, now you get to watch the pink slowly wear away 🙂 I’ll try to break up the weekly posts into a few, I’ve noticed my posts getting longer and longer cause I’ve been squeezing 7 days worth of stuff into each one!

  8. Eeeeee! Congrats on finding out the sex, hopefully! So exciting!

  9. Catherine Brochu

    Jaime! Your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face- and usually makes me laugh aloud. So excited for you and Scott, my witty friend! Congrats! And please…try and refrain from chugging cocktail sauce right from the bottle. Those hiccups you spoke of previously, will not feel good 😉 Hey- I’m just looking out for your best interest 😀

    • It’s very dangerous telling a pregnant me that I shouldn’t be eating something…..although now that you mention it, those hiccups probably had something to do with a ridculous craving that I fulfilled. But still. Fine line, Catherine, fine line. 😉

  10. Aaaaaaaaah! Boy parts! Unreal! Seriously? Little boy parts were seen at 11 weeks? Scott must be proud.

  11. Congrats! How exciting!

    Mrs. Snow Pea

  12. Eep!! So exciting!! A baby boy!! Ahhh!! And, I’m loving all your pregnant posts, they’re awesome!!

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