12 weeks

Wow, energy, I have missed you! In the last few days, my ability to go-go-go has returned with a vengeance which I took full advantage of  this past weekend. Saturday was a fun day out starting with a trip to the jeweler, then Menards and ending with a great lunch out with Sharon, Mike and little Owen. And Sunday, oh what a fun day 🙂

Let’s start from the beginning – the jeweler: The center diamond in my engagement ring came loose, yes again, so Scott and I took a trip to the new jeweler I found last time, and we picked out a whole new peg-head for the ring. It’s going to completely change the look of the head, but I’m kind of excited to see it, more imp0rtantly, the peg head has v-prongs that’ll be way more secure than what I’ve had.

Menards: If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet and like the artificial variety, RUN to your nearest Menards and pick up the 7′ LED-light pre-lit tree for $34.99! Seriously, the tree is amazing for the price and there’s no reason they should be giving it away for so cheap.  Oh, and when I saw strands of 100 lights for $2.14 each, I bought 20 boxes. Yep, 2,000 lights for the outside of the house this year. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation house ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Lunch with Sharon and family: pretty self-explanatory, always fun to hang out with my best friend of course, and I can officially say that our changing table has been christened by a baby, just not my baby 🙂

Sunday: Brunch with the Bees! Scott and I hit the city and met up with a bunch of the Chicago Bees for brunch at Bakin’ & Eggs, and along with hanging with Heather and Tom (the Snapdragons), Laura and Steve (the Stilettos), Charlene (Emerald), and Holley, I got to meet Amy and Matt, aka Mr. & Mrs. Pretzel. I had met everyone else before and I was so looking forward to meeting Amy since she was part of my same junk food Bee generation and was planning her wedding and blogging the same time as me. Call her a junk-food kindred spirit.

When we got home, I started putting up the indoor Christmas lights since I figured it’s probably not the best idea for a pregger to be climbing on the roof, meaning Scott would end up doing most of the outdoor work next weekend. I usually wait until Black Friday, but since we put the tree together to make sure it looked as good as the picture, I figured whipping out the most tedious job when I had the energy would be a good idea, too. So I cranked 93.9 The Lite since it’s gone all Christmas music already and I taped, taped, and taped some more.

I was never crazy about facing the lights in the same direction, but after doing it that way with Scott for the last 2 years, I don’t think I can ever go back cause it just looks so nice!

And the cherry on top for Sunday’s energy rush…

Who do you know that has a zebra print door? Well, now you can say me 🙂 I was nervous about freehanding the pattern cause I didn’t want it to end up looking like cow print, so I photoshopped a picture of what we wanted first, then traced the pattern in pencil, and painted away.


Actual finished painted door:

You can’t get much more fun out of a front door than that.

So yeah, this weekend was proof positive that the energy has fully returned!

How I’m feeling: My need to pee every 10 minutes is definitely getting way better which is because baby has officially moved up, taking some of the pressure off my poor bladder. My nose is always stuffed up. And the latest one that is absolutely driving me insane is itchiness. Every night this week when I’m sitting in front of the tv minding my own business, I get SO itchy. I’ll get a crazy itchy spot so I’ll scratch it, and as soon as it’s gone another spot on my body starts to itch. Scott looks at me funny when I’m grunting and sctratching myself like a crazy person and I don’t blame him! I’m just happy it doesn’t keep me up at night. Oh, and my chin started breaking out like a 13-year-old. I get a big zit, it goes away after a week, then I get another one, and so on. You know what though? I’d take a big old honking zit over puking anyday.

I’ve officially updated my wardrobe for the whole pregnant during the winter thing. I have to say I think I’d rather it be now than have to dress a large belly during the entire summer. I ended up buying $300 worth of long stretchy tank tops and sweaters that are either stretchy or open in the front – all of which I can wear next winter when I’m not preggers anymore. I’d say for someone that hasn’t bought clothes for myself in a long time, I don’t regret the money I spent one bit. And if it took getting pregnant to pamper myself a little, then I’ll take it. I have yet to buy new pants and thank you to those of you that suggested the bella band, I’ll be getting one of those soon for sure, because as of right now, I’ve started using a hair rubberband, looping it around the button, pulling it through the button hole, then looping the other end back around the button. Hey, it’s better than duct tape and it’s buying me an extra inch or 2 on my waistband. I’m a little scared to see how much extra stretch I actually get after eating 2 Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow though!

And since we’ve been taking my belly shots on Thursdays when I officially switch from one week to the next, I won’t have a 12 week belly shot until tomorrow. So for now, I hope this will do…..

Them’s my paintin’ pants.

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12 responses to “12 weeks

  1. Jane

    I. Want. A. Zebra print. Door. Or just a whole zebra house…..I want my house to be seen from space because of Christmas lights, but my dad said “I don’t want a law suit from the neighbors going blind because of all the lights you want.” So, I have to settle for decorating the back porch and the innards of the house. I have purple lights hanging above my Jimi Hendirx and Grateful Dead posters, but I think those will just stay year-round because the lights look so cool.

    What kind of Thanksgiving dessert is your favorite? I just made several pies, and used leftover crust to make a cinnamon-sugar-butter dumpling.

  2. Zebra door is awesome. I could never do it, but I love it!
    And your tummy bump is so frickin adorable.

    Is Holley-Mrs. Mascara? Probably not, but just curious.
    I met her at my first Bee meetup and am so sad I’ll probably never get to see her now that she moved up to the UP!

  3. LOVE your front door! So fun, I wish we could do that!

  4. Wow! Your belly is so, so cute! I am very jealous, because mine is still flat and very empty looking. Remember how I told you that I had no morning sickness, well apparently I forgot to knock on wood because I have been throwing up non stop this week. On top of that, I have no appetite whatsoever, and thinking of most foods makes me gag. So, I will be 12 weeks on Saturday, and I have actually lost about 6 pounds 😦 I hope that we will have matching tummies soon!

  5. If you need any added justification for your shopping spree, here’s one — turns out most women end up wearing their maternity clothes for at least a few weeks (and in my case MONTHS) after the baby is born. Takes a while for the belly to shrink and/or to lose baby weight. If I had known that at the time, I would have splurged on a few more after-baby-appropriate maternity clothes so I wasn’t crying over my wardrobe in those first postpartum months….

    P.S. Jealous of your bee meetup! I swear one of these days I’m gong to relocate us to Chicago, NY, or San Francisco just for all the great bee parties.

  6. whoa that was a very productive weekend! i get tired just reading it. the bee brunch sounds like it was fun, and how awesome is that door?? i love seeing the christmas decorations popping up–really puts one in the holiday mood!

  7. I just now got over to your site to post my comment (since I read your blog in my google reader on my phone and it won’t let me comment that way), but I just had to tell you that your bump is frickin’ adorable! Mine is HUGE already for only being 14 weeks. I guess it IS my second baby, but GEEZ. 🙂

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  9. But a smiling visitor here to distribute the love (:, btw outstanding blueprint. “Competition is a laborious fixation, except it produces great results.” by Jerry Flint.

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